New DJ mix: Poco Loco VOL 2: late night edition

7 08 2009

dj mac poster

Just finished up this new mixtape, get it before it’s lame!   I’ll be spinning these beats and lots more tonight at Poco in the East Village.  Poco NYC:

Direct Download link:


1. Sexy Bitch (Ft. Akon)-David Guetta
2. Heartbreaker-MSTRKRFT
3. Dance dreams-Lady Gaga vs Eurythmics (Divide & Kreate mix)
4. Paris (aeroplane vs au revoir simone rmx) [Computer Club edit]-Friendly Fires
5. It Don’t Move Me-Peter Bjorn & John
6. Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix)-Empire Of The Sun
7. 1901 (We Think Remix)-Phoenix
8. Loverider (Axel Remix)-Human Contact
9. Beatbox (Hey Champ remix)-The Sounds
10. Talk Like That (CFCF Remix)-The Presets
11. Changes (GLOVES Remix)-Van She
12. The Woods (Buffetlibre Remix)-Cartridge
13. High Pressure Days (Rory Phillips Remix)-The Units
14. Black Magic (L’Amour La Morgue Edition)-Magic Wands
15. Zumbi (NUJAX remix)-Major Lazor
16. I Like Watching You (Diamond Cut Remix)-Cinnamon Chasers
17. Remember The Time (SLEEPER HEARTBROKEN REMIX)-Michael Jackson + Telepopmusik

Checking out Google Voice

4 08 2009

At last I received my invitation for Google Voice this morning, and am taking it for a spin as I write this.  So far it’s pretty awesome.  Registering my iPhone and my work phone was easy. Transcribing voicemails into text works amazingly well.  Sending and receiving SMS from the browser is very nice and fast.  The one thing I was hoping Google would have ready for me is number porting.  As it stands I was unable to port my existing number to Google; instead having to choose from a pool of area codes and numbers (None of which were New York numbers,  damn I was hoping for a 212 !).


My new DJ mix: Poco Loco

31 07 2009


I’ll be starting a new weekly DJ party at Poco in the East Village starting next Friday, August 7.   To get things warmed up, I’ve put  together a new mixtape.  Grab it from zShare at the link below and let me know what you  think in the comments!

Mac Harris presents Poco Loco Vol 1


More Hackint0sh’d netbooks

21 07 2009

Just finished setting up a “Macbook” for a coworker. She wanted PINK so I obliged.  If you’re new to this,  these are Lenovo brand netbook laptops that I’ve hacked Apple’s Mac OS X onto instead of running Windows.  So they are just like baby macbooks in cool colors that won’t break the bank ($350 a pop!).  I love them.



Augmented Reality Twitter app for iPhone!

21 07 2009

All these augmented reality apps are flying toward the App Store this week.  The latest is TwittARound.  It uses the compass and camera and gps to overlay people’s tweets in realtime over what you are viewing on the camera.  It’s not out yet, but is in the elusive App Store approval black hole.  Let’s hope it comes out unscathed.

via Techcrunch

Music Industry cocktail party (read: free booze and swag)

1 06 2009


Be sure to RSVP here I’ll be there in full effect!

Danny Howells returns to NYC April 3!

24 03 2009


$20 Presale tix at

Bank of America bails us out with free museum passes!

4 03 2009

It’s about damn time we got something back from all those tax dollars. On March 7-8 (and April 4-5) everyone can get free admission to a bunch of great NYC museums on Bank of America’s tab. Here’s the list for NYC, click the link below for other states.
Bank of America free museum passes
Link to BoA Museums on Us via

Asus EEE Keyboard shoves an entire media center PC under your palms

3 03 2009

This is awesome – Asus as managed to cram an entire home theater PC into your keyboard. Complete with a 5″ LCD touchpad to control things, it’s packing a Atom chip, HDMI & VGA out, Wireless-N, and looks sexy to boot. To think a few years ago a HTPC took up your entire entertainment center .

Link goes to Gizmodo


22 01 2009

This should be an awesome party. Heartsrevolution with The Golden Filter and Pink Skull at Le Poisson Rouge in the Village!

HeartsRevolution at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC Jan 30

HeartsRevolution at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC Jan 30

Some videos from my Thailand mindbender

21 01 2009

Here’s a couple of the videos I just pulled off my iPhone from my Thailand journey. Might want to turn your sound down, these parties were LOUDDDDD.

Inauguration online video overkill!

20 01 2009

This is a snapshot of my screen now at work, no less than 4 different streams of pre-inauguration coverage.  Am I insane!?

Tonight: MGMT & Beck take on NYC

9 10 2008

Very excited to see Beck & MGMT tonight in NYC.  It’s quite a hike allllll the way up to 175th street in Harlem to the United Palace Theater, but after seeing MGMT destroy Brooklyn at McCarren Park this summer, it’s well worth the trip.  Demand for tickets was so high the promoters added a second, and then a THIRD night of performances from the two acts.  I thank my awesome Texan friend Ms. Antoinette Moore for scoring our tix.  Stay tuned for live pics from the show as it happens; maybe even some live video if my jailbroken iPhone 3G is up for some stream action.

Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

30 09 2008
Palin Biden debate drinking game vice president presidential 2008

Palin Biden debate drinking game vice president presidential 2008

I saw this in this morning’s NYC Subway freebie paper Metro NY.  Looks like fun!

Letterman rips McCain to shreds; hilarious

24 09 2008


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