K-Pop haircut on a white boy

8 08 2012


My new Korean-Japanese nuvo haircut thanks to the amazing Leo at New Fashion hair salon on Rokin in Amsterdam



27 07 2012

I’ve neglected this blog for too long. It’s time to start writing again. If there’s anyone still reading this, look out for a redesign and overhaul soon!


Super chic tees by Les Femmes Velours

26 07 2012
Les Femmes Velours Fall 2012 luxury t-shirts for women

Un #1 t-shirt for women by Les Femmes Velours – Fall 2012 collection

My longtime friend in New York recently launched a new line of luxury womens t-shirts for Fall 2012.  The website just went live today, get at it before the hipster flock!

From LesFemmesVelours.com –

Les Femmes Velours.  Directly translated: The Velvet Females, chic, sophisticated, and with a touch of playfulness. The newest tee shirt line captures the style of the quintessential New York City women.

Four styles are released in limited quantities by the design house every three months, ensuring that each design remains exclusive and on-trend.  Les Femmes Velours is a label that allows women to feel casually elegant and tastefully unique.

Starting with the highest quality fabric and materials imported from Italy, Switzerland, and Japan, the soft tee shirts are tailored for comfort and yet loosely fit for style, and are handmade in the fashion capital of the world, New York City. Artisanal and precious embellishments make the tee shirts one-of-a-kind.

Les Femmes Velours is an accessible luxury label for  young and stylish women.

Link goes to http://LesFemmesVelours.com

Mother Teresa Family Guy skit cut/censored on Indian TV

20 07 2011

This hilarious scene was cut from Star World India TV broadcasts so I felt compelled to post it.

Jungle pug

21 06 2011

Jungle pug

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Laddu in the jungle!

21 06 2011

Laddu in the jungle!

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At The Four Seasons Mumbai

Laddu the Pug

31 05 2011

Laddu the Pug

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Looking very stately in his new outfit.