Google’s world domination continues with launch of Google Base, Google Analytics

16 11 2005

Say goodbye to eBay, Craigslist, and your self respect. Google today launched its new service Google Base, an indexible, searchable database of all things. In keeping with Google tradition, its 100% free. Possessions, objects, ideas you post are all accessible through the main Google search engine, as well as entered into other google services such as the shopping goliath Froogle.

We also saw the official launch of Google’s website traffic, marketing, and promotion service, rebadged as Google Analytics from its previous beta name of Orkut. We’ve got Google Analytics code running right here on, and at this very moment it is tracking usage stats and lots of other information about your current visit to this blog. It even gives a geographical map of the world, plotting points where each site visitor is coming from. In the last three days since it’s been running, sELECTROclash has had visitors from the US, UK, Japan, India, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and Poland! I had no idea… but I think I know why- this site agrees with the global sentiment that: BUSH SUCKS!




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