VIDEO: Locked Door Thwarts Bush’s Exit Strategy

23 11 2005

This video is hilarious. Our Commander in Chief is back with his wacky, embarrassing antics. This episode comes to us from across the world in China. Bush tries to bounce out of a press conference before anyone can ask him what the hell he has been blathering on about, but someone has locked him in! The snickering press records the whole thing while Bush then assumes a ‘beam me up Scotty’ pose. Unfortunately for him, there was too much sub-space interference in the atmosphere- the transporters were inoperative.

VIDEO (from BBC news, windows media stream)

If you missed yesterday’s episode, Bush met with his intellectual superior and mentor, the Asian Humanoid Robot with Realistic Albert Einstein Head. In an instant, the universe collapsed in on itself and backup universes kicked in. That’s the third time this week, somebody call God.



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