420 coat check claim ticket number.. Coincidence?

2 12 2005

[09:27] stads9000: how was APT?
[09:27] stads9000: answer my reply
[09:27] macfromthefuture: it was sweet
[09:28] macfromthefuture: met these realyl cool girls from sweden
[09:28] macfromthefuture: who knew about THE KNIFE
[09:28] macfromthefuture: but then we went to this other place
[09:28] macfromthefuture: Cielo i think
[09:28] macfromthefuture: fucking SWEEET
[09:28] stads9000: ah yeah cielo
[09:28] macfromthefuture: there was a huge line
[09:28] stads9000: thats like the newish bungalow 8 or whatgever
[09:28] macfromthefuture: i got us in by going str8 to the front and telling them i was Joshua Jackson!
[09:28] stads9000: supposedly hot and expensive
[09:28] macfromthefuture: lol it worked!!
[09:28] stads9000: hahah
[09:28] stads9000: are you kidding
[09:28] macfromthefuture: no!
[09:28] stads9000: that is awesome
[09:29] macfromthefuture: they busted me on it
[09:29] macfromthefuture: but still let us in
[09:29] stads9000: hahah
[09:29] stads9000: what did they say
[09:29] macfromthefuture: he was like ‘whats the name of the girl you costar with’
[09:29] stads9000: lets see some id
[09:29] macfromthefuture: uhhhhhhh
[09:29] stads9000: katy holmes
[09:29] macfromthefuture: i dont know
[09:29] stads9000: dude
[09:29] macfromthefuture: lol
[09:29] stads9000: what the fuck
[09:29] macfromthefuture: d’oh
[09:29] stads9000: even i know that shit
[09:29] stads9000: and im not gay
[09:29] macfromthefuture: damn it
[09:29] macfromthefuture: hahaha
[09:29] stads9000: you have no fucking excuse
[09:29] stads9000: you need to learn your co-stars names
[09:29] stads9000: hahah
[09:29] macfromthefuture: well he let us in but sent us to pay at the cashier
[09:29] macfromthefuture: 20 bucks each
[09:29] stads9000: so did he let you in for good sport basically
[09:30] macfromthefuture: but then i convinced the cashier that the bouncer had sasid we were in free
[09:30] macfromthefuture: it was CHOICE
[09:30] stads9000: hahah
[09:30] macfromthefuture: that place was goin off the hook
[09:30] macfromthefuture: kick ass sound system and dj
[09:30] stads9000: thats the name of the party?
[09:30] stads9000: hahah so you all got in for free
[09:30] stads9000: who did you go with?
[09:30] stads9000: i need a new going out jacket
[09:31] stads9000: what do you suggest sir?
[09:31] macfromthefuture: just me and rick
[09:31] macfromthefuture: we had to pay for APT actually , that sukd
[09:31] macfromthefuture: but it allllll worked otu
[09:31] stads9000: haah really thats cool

[this message composed and sent via Tmobile Sidekick mobile




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