Future pen computer projects both screen and keyboard

24 01 2006

It’s a concept computer the size of a regular pen. It’s got a video camera and dual projectors to give you both a virtual keyboard and a large color display on any flat surface. James Bond surrenders.

Link to Gadget Review

More pics here!



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24 01 2006

did you get this link from my old man?

5 02 2007

thats really nice when will it come out?

1 06 2011


4 05 2007
georges hadchity

hello, i am very interested in this future pen computer, because i am a computer technician as i would to know more about this product to launch it in my country. so if you can reply to my e-mail asap. looking forward to have more details about this product

3 04 2008

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С уважением Сеньчик

22 11 2009
27 12 2009
Руслан Гаврилов

Так интересно, но так банально… 🙂

8 01 2010

Спасибо за интересную инфу.

31 05 2010

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9 06 2010

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10 12 2010

just out of curiosity would you be able to use things like a usb with this set up? or does it still need to b incorperated in it? as well i wonder what its wifi capabilities are? I love the idea of having a computer on the go because its very helpful to ppl such as programmers (which im currently going to school to become) and others of the like. However another question of curiosity i have is how long will the battery hold its charge? is it set up with a rechargable battery?

3 01 2011
Farouk Ali

Established in 1971, Located in USA and the Caribbean serving the World, and manufacturers as Exclusive Distributors, Launching New innovations and Exhibiting at International Trade Shows since 1988.
We have had this info for several years, and have been looking for it to be realize since then. It is the 3rd day in the New Year and we have thought about it again… in our search a few minutes ago, we are able to see this info and is wondering of its date as I am indeed seeing 2006, January 24, then some Posts that ran up-to Dec 24, 2010?
We are very interested to Launch this Line and have waited for its reality for Marketing.
Please contact us on this?
Happy New Year and Best Regards

7 10 2013
7 10 2013
Farouk Ali

If I can remember, it was coming from a Japanese developer, but I can see this coming also from LG or Samsung/Korean technology!
Still waiting on the reality to take place, however, I can see the Image of Monitor and Keyboard being OK, and may already be perfected, I figure also that the possibility of WiFi being in the Pen shaft CPU and mini USB being possible, and also the Smart gesture technology incorporated into the system, truly it can be a reality soon? Can’t wait to Launch something like this, the idea have been around for a very long time!

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