Download tunes direct to device with MusicGremlin 8gb WiFi player

14 02 2006

I want!

Think of it like Napster but without the need of a computer or wires. The MG-1000 connects to MusicGremlin service at any wireless hotspot, giving you access to millions of songs downloadable at the touch of a button. The service is similar to Napster or Yahoo! where you can either download ala-carte or subscribe to the service and get unlimited downloads. What makes the service unique is that it creates a music community allowing you to view and download your “buddies” playlists and music files from device to device without the use of a hotspot.

The first device, the MG-1000 will be available in 4GB or 8GB sizes with a 2.0” 220 x 176 pixel color LCD screen. Other features will include voice and line-in recording. The device is based off of Microsoft’s DRM platform so it will be a Window XP / Windows Media Player 10 only device.

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