Peaches: “Impeach my Bush” coming July 10, but.. the future is NOW.

28 06 2006

The ever slutty, ever horny angst of Peaches is coming back with a whole new album of trashy slutdom. You might remember such musical jems as ‘Fuck the Pain Away’ and ‘Suck and Let Go’. Well this new one’s as raunchy as ever. What better name for a collection of damning sin anthems than ‘Impeach My Bush’. I love it! The album’s not out till July 11, but guess who just got a promotional copy for review!? New songs like ‘Slippery Dick’, ‘Tent in your Pants’, and ‘Two Guys’ are sure to be family favorites.

Here’s a little teaser track for you to suck on:

Peaches – Tent In Your Pants (mp3)

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Trek to Long Island for Robert Moses Beach!

28 06 2006

My pal Bobbo and I set out on a journey out to Long Island yesterday to get some sun on the beach.  We made it out to Robert Moses State Park and Beach, which is actually on an island of its own off the coast of Long Island. The water was actually BLUE! The sand was actually WHITE! There were no used condoms or needles or broken glass on the beach! Could this really be New York???
We discovered a NUDE beach while walking along and decided to strip down like the locals and do some bodysurfing.  BAD IDEA.  I now have a very sunburned (and painful) butt and…..other region. OUCH.

Click here for the rest of the pics.

NYC Gay Pride 2006!

26 06 2006

Click here for the full gallery of pics

My Engrish bad, My Chinese bad. Everything bad.. VIDEO

26 06 2006

Watch the video now via YouTube

Hands on pics with the Sidekick 3!

20 06 2006

Those lucky bastards over at Engadget have just gotten their smuggy mits on the new Tmobile Sidekick 3 and have posted a ton of excellent pics of it live in the flesh.

Click here for the full set of pics from Engadget

Massive Multiuser Mosasic Game:

20 06 2006

This is freakin’ sweet! And addictive. An unlimited number of people manipulate mosaic tiles on a board to form pictures, messages, or penises. Check it out. I’ve also created a new ‘board’ just for So go ahead and make your mark!

Selectroclash Broth Room. Play now!

Or go to the main room and see how crazy it looks when a lot of people are playing at the same time:

Worlds First 3G tri-band Windows Mobile phones launched by HTC!

19 06 2006

HTC has finally risen from cheap Chinese OEM to become a real global brand name.  What you’re seeing here is the formally codenamed HTC Hermes, now called the HTC TyTN, It is the next iteration of my current phone (the Tmobile MDA/Cingular 8125/HTC Wizard). The biggest deal here is the HSDPA/UMTS high speed 3G data connection this baby carries. This means super fast web page downloads and live video mobile video conferencing (with the help of a second video camera up front). The guts of the phone get a big upgrade too with a 50% faster processor (now a 300mhz Samsung). The main camera gets bumped up to 2megapixels and the screen is slightly larger to boot.

We first saw these bad boys at CES in January, but now they’re available in Europe.  Anyone know when we’ll see this stateside on Cingulars new network?

Link goes to the press release at