‘Bible Code’ predicts NYC to be nuked this Sunday. Everybody Panic!

6 06 2006

An alleged 12 year study of symbolic codes found in the Bible has led a group of scholars to predict that terrorists will detonate a nuclear bomb in New York City on the second sabbath of June, 2006. (That’s this coming Sunday!) The bomb will strike the United Nations Headquarters on East 45th Street in Midtown, Manhattan.
I sit here writing this from my apartment on East 13th street in the very same city, about a mile and a half away from the proposed ‘ground zero’. I wonder what we’ll call the old ground zero once we have new one(s)?

Here are the links that supposedly back up their claims. Seeing that today is 6/6/06 and I’m alive and well, I’m not giving this armegedden theory much creedence. But these sort of earth shattering tales are simply irresistable.

Bible Scholars Predict an 85 Percent Probability of a Nuclear Terrorist Attack on the UN Complex in Manhattan on June 9 or 10

85% Probability of UN Plaza being nuked between Friday evening June 9th and Saturday evening June 10th, 2006



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