Averatec’s Origami/UMPC to rule them all

8 06 2006

Sleek, minimal, compact, and wont cost you a grand. Averatec seems to have a big winner up its Korean sleeve with the AHI UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer, remember that MS Origami hype flop a couple months ago? yeah..). Technical Specs in descending awesome-ness order:

  • Under 2 pounds
  • TV tuner (with Video on Demand)
  • Wireless Wide Area 3G networking, phone & VOIP calling
  • under $800 (the cheapest UMPC yet!)
  • Full WinXP computer with 800×480 touch panel
  • 802.11b/g WiFi
  • integrated 1.3 megapixel video cam

As we all know, I am a big fan of Averatec (and all things Korean in general). I've built this blog using a small 12 inch Averatec 3700 series and haven't sad a single issue with it to date. Sock it to the big guys Averatec!Obligatory Engadget post on the subject




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