Trek to Long Island for Robert Moses Beach!

28 06 2006

My pal Bobbo and I set out on a journey out to Long Island yesterday to get some sun on the beach.  We made it out to Robert Moses State Park and Beach, which is actually on an island of its own off the coast of Long Island. The water was actually BLUE! The sand was actually WHITE! There were no used condoms or needles or broken glass on the beach! Could this really be New York???
We discovered a NUDE beach while walking along and decided to strip down like the locals and do some bodysurfing.  BAD IDEA.  I now have a very sunburned (and painful) butt and…..other region. OUCH.

Click here for the rest of the pics.




21 responses

28 06 2006

Quoting Mac: “There were no used condoms or needles or broken glass on the beach…”



26 06 2009

Today, Friday, looking like a good beach day?

28 07 2006

what was the name of the nude beach??? if you have directions or whatever that woudl be awesome! thinking to go this weekend.

7 08 2006

hi, is the nude beach towards the lighthouse? i was there this weekend and didnt actually make it to the end of the island. could u give me directions?

9 08 2006

It’s called Lighthouse Beach and is at the far east end of the Robert Moses Causeway. You need to walk after parking (not that far). You’ll see the sign that says “optional clothing”.

29 04 2007
Beach Bums United

Come on out this summer, you’ll really have an experience !
East end, Lighthouse beach, Parking Field 5.

6 07 2007

What a great beach , highly recomended trip , I was there on july 4 2007 , the only thing that was bad was the weather , otherwise simply great .

6 09 2007
loves the sun

I have been going there about 12 yrs,nice friendly place and you can leave your property and no one will touch it.

16 05 2008

Its almost summer 2008 and all newcomers welcome!
Beat the high cost of gasoline = car pool !

8 07 2008

any girls going out there this week do u want 2 ride on my cbr or meet me there 1347 538 5473 da bronx

8 07 2008

any out there with directions to r moses 1347 538 5473

10 07 2008

il be ther fri would love to hang with an older women anyone?
5163153202 8am

26 06 2009

I would—I’m 40, am I an old man???

26 06 2009

she’s 55

27 06 2009

wanna go

29 06 2009


17 08 2009

hii , i am going beach , me 35 age , loking for women nice 30 – 45 age
call me

3 07 2010

Anybody want to meet me there tomorrow I never did this before!

3 07 2010

P.S.44 yrs young!

26 08 2010

Would love to meet an over 45 woman and hangout and have a great day Saturday, could work dinner into the plan, let me know,

19 07 2012

It’s a gorgeous, fairly quiet stretch of beach, & the peo are very friendly. The only negative really is that it IS quite a hike from the parking lot.

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