Introducing the Quadski land/water ATV

13 07 2006

After spending today on both jet ski’s and on a four wheeler I was shocked and a little pissed when I came across this bad boy. It’s an all terrain, high-speed amphibious vehicle prototype by Gibbs Technologies (the makers of the Aquada and Humdinga).




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15 07 2006

don’t get your hopes up too soon….they’ll start selling it; someone you know will buy one; you’ll ride it once or twice; idiots around america will die or hurt themselves on it; the company will be forced to recall it due to the stupidity of a few well deserving to die motherfucking buzzkills.

in other news from me:
UPDATE ON THE “HELL FREAKIN YEAH I BOUGHT IT” KITE TUBE: Today they issued a recall of the product. So I get to send it in and in return I get 2 other crappy smaller/lesser inflatable towables. In every single instance of injury or death the people operating the boat/riding the kite tube were using it improperly. One group on Good Morning America crying about their friend’s injury on kite tube said they hadn’t read the instructions or watched the DVD. Well DUH…it’s not like it wasn’t plastered all over the damn tube to do so before riding it. Too bad the dumb-ass didn’t die. He deserved to be severed from his mortal coil, along with his idiot friends. A few idiots who deserved to be washed out of the earth’s gene pool ruin the fun of everybody. Hopefully at some point in time, they will be jumping in the bow of the boat-topless-and fall out, cause with their idiot driver not being able to react in time, the will get severed by the prop. Death to them all.

20 08 2006
these guys are idiots

I just have to say I was linked to this site searching for atv’s. The men leaving comments on this website are seriously idiots. “Death to them all” says one. Little harsh. If you want this website taken seriously, you need to take that ‘freedom of speech’ b.s. off your message board. Anyway, loved the pictures, hated the idiot comments for people who don’t deserve to die, no matter what they didn’t watch or read. Hopefully the writer of those messages will fall of his and be paralyzed and have a lifetime to realize his stupid comments, NOW HE deserves it.

21 08 2006


Thanks for your comment. I know the person who made the remark in question and will be sure to forward your message to him. Thanks for reading!


4 09 2006

To all who cares Live happy and be safe to the best of your ability and watch out for land mines

19 04 2007

hey where did u get one of those?????????????????????????????

8 05 2007
travis mock

this is a cool ride and wer did u get thaat thing at but any way is ther any girls o one of them

8 05 2007
travis mock

this is a cool ride and wer did u get that thing at but any way is ther any girls on one of them

25 05 2007
mike s

It is so cool that it is cool i wanta have it please plaese please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

11 01 2008

That looks like the most useless piece of shit i have ever seen. Most fourwheelers are made to go in mud and thats the fun, not driving across the water.

14 05 2008
Kurt's Daddy

Kurt you are an unAmerican IDIOT.I own your soul punk. Shut your mouth boy!

5 06 2008
big jazzy J

YEA SON that thng is awesome!!!! best thng ever

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