The Sony Mylo! Destroy Rock and Roll

8 08 2006

Hot damn, this has got to be the coolest geek toy to surface all week. Sony has blown me away by intro’ing this new Sidekick / PMP / Nokia webtablet love child of a device they call Mylo. It plays MPEG4 videos, has WiFi, GoogleTalk and Yahoo messenger. Handles VoIP calling as a wireless Skype phone, has an Opera web browser, and can wirelessly stream music to other Mylo devices.

-1GB flash memory expandable with Memory Stick Pro Duo cards.
-320×240 QVGA screen coming in at 2.4inches.
-$350 USD

AND apparently it’s not just more vaporware. It’s hitting US shelves next month in mid September. Just in time for my birthday, nudge nudge. haha.
Watch the lo-res video for more deets.(via YouTube)

Full Flash Demo and Official Information here




One response

9 08 2006

😦 all good points, the mylo, is doomed to failure.

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