Sneak peek: Cingular cripples the HTC TyTn for the USA

21 08 2006

As feared, Cingular is crippling yet another phone for the US market. The highly anticipated and much drooled over HTC TyTn (Hermes) next generation Windows Mobile device will indeed be arriving stateside this year, but with its front video-eye gouged out and the video-phoning software disabled. Here are the leaked photos of the Yankee bound device thanks to While this is still an excellent phone and destined to be a best seller, why is the American market continually forced to deal with delayed, disabled, and walled-off handset releases?

Except from post:

This phone is not yet present on Cingular’s Pocket PC phone
page, but it looks like Cingular will be the first wireless carrier in
USA to pick the excellent HTC Hermes phone. Also T-Mobile is expected
to bring this phone to USA – T-Mobile is selling it in Europe already
under the name “T-Mobile MDA Vario II” but in USA it will probably be
called “T-Mobile MDA II”. Both Cingular and T-Mobile are rolling out
HSDPA in USA this year, so it is good to learn that this excellent
phone is also HSDPA compatible (albeit it is switched off in some
models by default).

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21 08 2006

we got better phones in india! ; )

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