The ‘pause’ flash mob NYC

23 08 2006

This sounds really interesting. I’m going to try to show up for a few days of this and will report back with more info and some video-bloggin’ action.

On each day of Conflux, the annual New York festival for contemporary psychogeography, a group of 30+ participants will gather in public space to pause together.

Coordinated by SMS, participants will individually make their way to a predetermined location, freeze simultaneously for five minutes, and then simultaneously unfreeze and go on with the rest of the day, resuming life as usual. There will be one frozen moment for each day of the festival, and each will take place in a different, well-trafficked location in public space.

As an experiment in slowing down, PAUSE expands a moment, transforming a moment in time into a three-dimensional space in which passersby are free to roam, explore, and interact. PAUSE asks how our understanding of time might change if, instead of being swept up in the pace of urban life, we were simply to hold a moment.

Link to Confux festival




One response

31 08 2006

say mac,
they’ve already done this recently at a home depot somewhere in america. The premise was not that of freezing, but that of shopping in slow motion and freezing during certain moments.

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