Free Starbucks Iced Coffee everyday till October!

27 08 2006

Click the image above, print it out, and take it Starbucks for a free Grande Iced Coffee/Latte/Whatever. One per person per day, but it’s vaild until the end of September. And no one will know if you go from Starbucks to Starbucks collecting dozens of free latte’s each day. Damn the man!

Link to image to print

UPDATE: this has been purported to be a fake. Two readers have written me after their free-caffeine attempts were thwarted and the coupons confiscated by Starbucks employees. On the other hand, I used one of these this morning at the Starbucks on 2nd Ave and E. 10th st (I think that’s the intersection) in Manhattan and got my free coffee after two employees studied the printout.  Until this is sorted, I encourage everyone to demand their free coffee as [erroneously] promised!




One response

27 08 2006

can’t click the image. brrr

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