Teledildonics ‘penetrates’ the xbox

27 08 2006

This is getting scary. Remember how Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone had futuristic sex on Demolition Man? (If not, think VR helmets, gloves, but no touching!) Well now you can have remote sex with your XBox game console, a USB powered vibrator, and the xbox video cam.

Teledildonics… the future is now.

Here’s the juice from tiny nibbles:

It seems I finally have a reason to start gaming again: new Xbox teledildonics. Kotaku tells us that the Xbox 360 now has cameras with video chat, and while chatting there is a command to make your chat-partner’s controller vibrate. Even though it takes holding down both triggers at once, making one-handed enjoyment complicated, it seems like this is just a few tiny hardware hacks away from being consumer-level teledildonics. It’s my theory that not being truly marketed as porn/sextoy/teledildonics will make it adapted by consumers quickly and easily.

And even though Kotaku is clearly squeamish about the Gawker rules of bloggy journalism and being publicly pervy (there is no line between the two; be loud, be proud; never talk about Gawker pervert journalist club) — and wanted to “do it” with a (koff, koff) Microsoft employee — you should really read the post. The comments are quite entertaining, too. Image via Slashdong, who has been working on this hack for a while now. Hello, MAKE: Dirty! I’m tellin’ ya. (Thanks, mojo!)




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