Korea’s Sidekick / Paris Hilton Killer

6 09 2006

All hail our technological overloads the Koreans. Once again they have trumped the falling American empire with superior gadgetry with the Pantech IM-U410. In the haze of a hot Miami nightclub you might mistaken this as a pedestrian Sidekick phone. But yay, gaze further into its glowing LEDs and hypnotizing screen and you’ll realize this is no ordinary skank’s phone.
Here are the deets from the (stuck-up) boys at Engadget:

the U140 eschews the swivel screen for one that slides up to a
30-degree angle at the touch of a button — all the better to watch
programs from its integrated satellite DMB receiver (complete with
TV-OUT). At 2.6-inches wide and 262,000 colors, the QVGA touchscreen is
no slouch, either, and even throws in a vibrating function so you know
that your every command has been acknowledged and received. Other
goodies here include a three megapixel camera (a nice bump over the two
megapixel shooters found on the IM-R100 and IM U-MU110),
PictBridge support for PC-less printing, MP3 playback enhanced by
four-channel stereo speakers and an FM transmitter, plus that popular
Korean add-on, the electronic dictionary.

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5 responses

30 04 2007
ceejo add

i love your items and love to work with you.

3 05 2007

this phone looks amazing!.will the Pantech IM-U410 be available in the U.S. at any point?

3 06 2007

ill it has no key board

16 04 2008
denzel in need of sidekick phone

how much does it costs??? would love to hve it… but one problem…they dnt hve a keyboard. btw-im frm malaysia…

27 07 2010
Martin Tellez

We’ve been watching Paris Hilton’s BFF. Where do they come across these people? They are from another world!

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