iRiver’s new S10 blows Apple’s next-gen Shuffle away

13 09 2006

iRiver has just announced my next MP3 player, the S10. It’s extremely small, just 42 x 30 x 10.8 mm, has a bright organic LED display, and is only 1.9 grams heavier than the new iPod Shuffle that was announced yesterday. It comes in one AND two gigabyte flavors (the new Shuffle maxes out at 1) and most importantly, plays Ogg Vorbis(!!) in addition to the standard MP3, WMA, ASF regimen. (The Shuffle only plays MP3 and evil-greedy-corporation-DRM format).
Finally something to replace the beaten and repeatedly lost MobiBLU 1500i from around my neck.
Sadly no word on pricing or availability, but with the Shuffle debuting in October I’d suspect iRiver to flood the market with these babies around the same time.

Link goes to C:Net ASIA




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14 01 2007

Nice indeed.

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