Fake iPod Shuffle (2nd gen) released BEFORE the real one

28 09 2006

When the boys at Engadget aren’t fellating themselves in a sea of smugness and narcissism, they call call these sort of posts ‘Keepin it Real Fake’. Well keep suckin’ Engadget, we beat you to it this time. (just playin!) What you’re seeing here is (supossedly) a faked second generation iPod Shuffle. Pretty much every iPod to come out has been knocked off by a Chinese company, but this is the first time we’ve seen a fake before the real one is even released to the public. My girl in Hong Kong relayed this pic to me from an as yet unnamed Chinese gadget forum . I can’t personally vouch for the validity of it and I can’t read Mandarin; but here’s the pic nonetheless. 




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29 09 2006
Jamie Clark

Wow. Quite interesting really. Why not get your girl to send one over, and do a Real vs Fake post? Would be quite a good read i think.

4 10 2006

Man, Apple will be so pissed when they see this.

4 10 2006

Um…as someone pointed out to me, it looks like an iPod radio remote with her thumb covering the cord.

19 03 2010
Billy G8s

I Love ur refigerator jokes Dj u r just da bomb. Man u just rock 2 much. its 2 funny.

4 10 2006

i think ilounge will be pissed off that you used an image from there site without credit.


12 10 2006

Well, just so you all know, I checked out the website that hello posted, and TFS is right. It is the radio and the new shuffle. Really, I don’t think that the Chinese would reproduce one that is pretty different. First of all, it isn’t coated in aluminum, and the edges are more rounded. Do you really think they could really pass this as a fake? I hate to burst all your bubbles, but the new shuffle didn’t come out yet, the picture from your girl in Hong Kong is actually from the url in hello’s comment, and the Chinese as far as I know haven’t produced a fake second generation shuffle yet.
srry. but the truth remains the truth

31 10 2006
suck it

Yeah. Thats bullshit.
Its a remote.

11 05 2007

obviously thats an iPod shuffle 2G and an iPod radio remote dont be stupid

16 05 2007

deffinately a remote…

11 07 2007

hate to bursts everyones bubble, that is not a remote. I bought 12 of these from http://www.dhgate.com at 20 bucks a piece thinking I could sell them on ebay for around 60. Its a flash drive mp3 player that has ipod written all over it.

4 10 2007

that white shuffle is real. it aint a remote. my friend has one exactly like that. its jus an MP3 wit iPod written all over it

7 10 2007

yeah that looks like a apple remote. rip-off.

15 10 2007
Blake Gripling

Yup, seen em, lots of them. I’ve seen a very similar Shuffle ripoff that was said to have 512MB of memory… Gosh, will these Chinese boys ever learn?

30 05 2008

Hi webmaster!

31 05 2008

The top one is a real iPod.

The bottom one is a radio/remote thingy. I tried holding it like the picture did and it looks the same.

20 09 2008

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15 11 2008

I think the i pod she says is fake looks better in that picture than the real one

2 10 2009
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19 03 2010
that guy who did the thing

Ha Ha Ha. lol that articale is 2 funny. that bird will never learn will it. lol again. Ha . Ohhh i bet that pie tastes real good 2. I loveeeeeee a good joke. keep up da funnies. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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