Wired NEXTfest kicks off in NYC

28 09 2006

The Wired NEXTfest finally lands in NYC this weekend. My pals over at Gothamist got a sneak peek of the futurist playground being erected at the Javits Center. I’ll be there tomorrow basking in the glowing hum of technologic artifacts from the future.
Here’s what Gothamist is gushing over at the show:

  • Laser Harp – Break the laser beams and make beautiful music

  • Media Mirror – Watch 200 channels of live cable tv in real time. When can we get one of these for our home?

  • GEs 100ft projection screen running an interactive piece by ny based tronic. (who
    has also over seen the entire events experience and design from year one) connected to this display is a video capture system that takes your video image and projects it onto their screen, turning your image into a monographic wonder.

  • Kick Ass Kung Fu – play a game of kung fu where the controler is you. You stand in the middle of a long rectangular mat with projection screens on either side of you.
    Think 2D street fighter.

  • Panascope Lan – An interactive panoramic display (think playing at the bottom of your cereal bowl) projects to immerse you in a hemisphere of game play. Challenge opponents in a game of chase among virtual rooftops.

  • Brainball – A favorite of ours from last years show makes a return this year. The way to win is to be the most relaxed, so as a New Yorker this is a very tough thing to do. With the crowd gathered and cheering you on, it makes it quite difficult to find your inner zen. The calmest mind wins.

I can’t wait. More pics to come!   Link goes to NEXTfest.net

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