I just saw a giant cement block fall 20 stories down and smash into traffic!!

29 09 2006

Here’s a video of the cab, less than a minute after it happened.


E. 13th St and 3rd Ave, Manhattan.

Here’s the crane that dropped the bomb:

Here are a bunch more pictures via Flickr (thanks NYCviaRachel)

Via Gothamist:

Update: Apparently the situation is still unstable (a piece of the crane is still dangling)– Tim Minton at WNBC is getting pushed out of the area by the FDNY live on Channel 4 right now. Latest update says that the people in the cab weren’t seriously injured (amazing)– but they’re being taken to the hospital for examination. Minton points out that this is the third construction accident this week. Helicopter shots are showing 3rd Ave shut down 12th-14th, but traffic is moving east-west on 14th.




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30 09 2006


Mental Dribble.

30 09 2006
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1 10 2006

That’s truly unbelievable. How should we walk down the street now? I guess looking up!!!

1 10 2006

I was always worried about the Town Hall in Truro when I lived there. Cornices and stick out bits generally are so unnecessary. The ones on the Town Hall were so big. I have a vague memory that a window box fell off one time. I saw Alan Price there. Obviously, I am not talking about any of the Truros in USA or anywhere. cyquick.wordpress.com

1 10 2006

So where’s the concrete?

1 10 2006

holy crap….that’s amazing.

1 10 2006

oh god help me…htz amazing news man!!!

1 10 2006

This comment is not about the brick though that is AMAZING! that no one was hurt. And rare to see.

I just want to comment about the driving with cash, what other freedoms are we left?

How close are we getting to Nazi?

1 10 2006

ps. the link about the driving with cash is to the left so this is not an entirely random comment

1 10 2006

WOW! COMPLETLY AMAZING, Wish I was there to write it in my teen Life Blog 😛

1 10 2006
1 10 2006

Anyone get hurt? Hope not . . .

3 10 2006

hilarious, the most comments ever on selctroclash and they all come from people whoring their own blogs (and drugs!) also the pharamcy dude just stole your post. AND ON TOP OF THAT THREE OF THE SAME POSTERS WHORED THEIR BLOGS ON THE RIPOFF DRUG BLOG. The internet is dead.

4 10 2006

Does that the phrase “whoring one’s own blog” mean advertising one’s own blog? I have never understood why that should be regarded as objectionable. How else should one sign oneself other than with one’s blog address thingie? Who desires to know that I am, say, Cuthbert Cobbledick or Sharon Shufflebottom or lawrence Lillycrap? (All genuine old English surnames.) No, I, for example, am Cy Quick Word Press Dot Com when here in the blog universe ! But then, I am new to blogging and old in years so maybe I am missing something. cyquick.wordpress.com

4 10 2006

I have just noticed Albert Kline there. Great guy! My Akismet fingered him for spam but his blog is excellent. I have faved it. Cy of the Quick on Word Press with the dot and the com for some reason.

PS: Sorry for the typos in the previous comment: Lawrence not lawrence; and take out the space before the exclamation mark.

5 10 2006
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8 12 2006

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17 05 2007

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19 07 2007

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24 01 2010
Cy Quick

It is amazing and weird. I speak of nought but the fact that stuff hangs around. Not only all those bits of stuff under ground on Time Team. But also my old comments on other people’s blogs.

When I input my pen-name Cy Quick to ye olde Google search engine, lo and behold, there am I wading in on the subject of the Town Hall in Truro, Cornwall. And yet I have these many moons since deleted ye olde cyquick.wordpress.com after having copped 2,200 hits.

Then did I create ye olde mydigest.wordpress.com and coppeth 18,500 of hits, only to delete same. Now ye newe sumpnado.wordpress.com is extant and of no greater value than the ones gone afore. Lack-a-day and a yea-yeah. The internet is indeed ailing.

As my Mom said, looking at the Rockies in 1968 “What are they FOR?”

Cy older-but-no-wiser Quick

19 06 2013
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