T-mobile MDA average lifespan is 18 days

10 10 2006

OK this has gotten a little ridiculous. I am currently writing this post from my 10th T-mobile MDA device in 6 months. None of them were lost or stolen. None of them were water damaged. None had severe physical trauma or had cracked screens.

They just stop working.

So 10 phones in 6 months…. That works out to an average 18 days of life for each device. Two and a half weeks usage from a $400  phone isn’t just bad, it’s utterly pathetic.  On the plus side I have not had to pay for a single one of the replacements. T-mobile must know just how poorly these phones are built or they wouldn’t offer up replacements so easily.
That brings up the question of why a company would even offer such an error prone piece of hardware to its customers. Surely they cannot be making money off me as a customer when I’ve gone through 10 of their flagship smartphones in half a years time. That’s $4,000 USD (retail) of hardware; far more than the sum of my $80/month service plan revenue. The next generation of the MDA is already available in Europe and elsewhere as the MDA Vario II (otherwise known as the HTC TyTn) and addresses many of the MDA’s shortcomings.  Why is T-mobile USA so slow to upgrade such a shoddy product? Perhaps they have a boatload of now-outdated MDA’s from the rest of the world that they must now hawk to the bottom-feeding American market.

Anyone else out there with MDA horror stories? How many phones have you been through?




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20 10 2006

i actually had 8 in about 4 months.

22 10 2006

I bought a used MDA last month. In fact, it’s what I’m using to write this. I bought it off a co-worker who only had it for about two months (and didn’t use muxh more than the phone and the address book). But I’m a T-Mobile employee and I should know better than to buy a used phone. No warranty, no insurance. I warn customers about used phones every day. I’m a bit of an idiot, I guess. But anyway, here’s what I love about my MDA – pretty much the only thing that works on it is Pocket Explorer. Some highlights of the times I’ve spent with this monstrosity:
-Windows Media Player crashes almost every time I use it.
-Instant messaging is completely nonfunctional. I’ve no idea what the issue is.
-HotSpots connection won’t work.
-T-MoMail won’t work.
-It absolutely clings to T-Mobile towers, even if I’m right next to a Cingular tower and almost 8 miles from the nearest T-Mo tower.
-The device randomly plays sound files (ringtones, mp3s, WMV audio portion) at double time. Pretty much, it’s only amusing the first 20 times you hear Alvin and the Chipmunks’ rendition of Anti-Flag’s “The Press Corpse”. Then it gets really, really old and you start to wish that you had no friends just so that no one would call you and make your phone freak out.
-This thing absolutely will not receive MMS/emails containing pictures. Every single time someone sends a pix message my way, the device will interrupt whatever I’m doing and open up the Text Messages screen. So I close it. Then it opens again. So I close it again. This process is repeated until I get angry, remove the SIM card and put it in an entirely different device so the MMS can get through. The best part? PDA support didn’t know what to do when I presented them with the situation, so it took the better part of a week of toting around a completely unusable phone for me to figure that one out on my own. Now I have to carry around my spare Nokia 3100 from AT&T just in case anyone decides to send me a picture. (It’s sad that I can put more trust in a tiny, featureless phone I rescued from a recycling box than I can in T-Mobile’s “most advanced data device”.)
yeah. those are just some highlights.

ps. It’s T-Mobile’s policy to continue exchanging the device until you get one that works. If anyone from the company EVER gives you a hard time about the exchanges, something’s wrong.

22 10 2006

yall have to be kidding me. i have had one (1) since it has come out an i love it.i have had only one of two problems with it ever.

16 11 2006
Smokin fast 3G PocketPC phone finally out on Cingular! (HTC TyTN) « sELECTROclash.com

[…] The long awaited successor to my crap factory of a phone has finally dropped here in the US!  Cingular has released the HTC TyTN / Hermes / 8525 for $399 with a two-year indentured servant contract. Pretty pricey, but well worth it in my book. I’ve covered this phone extensively and can’t wait to test out those smokin HSDPA download speeds here in Manhattan. Santa if you’re reading, here’s the link. […]

16 11 2006
Smokin fast 3G PocketPC phone finally out on Cingular! (HTC TyTN) « sELECTROclash.com

[…] The long awaited successor to my crap factory of a phone has finally dropped here in the US!  Cingular has released the HTC TyTN / Hermes / 8525 for $399 with a two-year indentured servant contract. Pretty pricey, but well worth it in my book. I’ve covered this phone extensively and can’t wait to test out those smokin HSDPA download speeds here in Manhattan. Santa if you’re reading, here’s the link. […]

2 01 2007

First MDA; had some weird crashes, but now works great after the firmware update from their site. It has even survived a pretty bad drop with no ill effects.

15 01 2007

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25 02 2007
mary fisher

T-Mobile MDA. I hate this phone. I have spent hours of the phone with t-mobile. I have had continuous problems receiving email. and even worse problems sending email. Email stays in my outbox for weeks. customer service has had me completely erase my phone. Still email is sporadic. All I want is email and phone service. When I make an outgoing call, if my ear touches the touch screen, it puts the current call on hold and calls who ever is on my speed dial. T mobile only offer to replace this phone with another just like it. I want another brand phone!

13 04 2007

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10 05 2007
beat bruzer

t-mobile and the mda suck’s my phone is always crashing, and the housing for the mini usb cord has come loose. two of my other friends have had the same problem but I wasn’t as lucky to still be under warranty. and my swap calls never works properly. anytime I enter a new contact my phone jumps back a page and I have to start typing all over.now my battery can’t get charged because of the loose housing… this phone has been nothin but trouble and oh yeah I’m a mac user too!
” F T-MOBILE” and anyone who likes them!

13 06 2007
My new free T-mobile Wing (HTC Herald) « sELECTROclash.com

[…] I am really liking this device, but we’ll see if it lasts longer than my many, many MDA’s (see here). Here are some comparison pics with my old MDA and my Blackberry 8700 […]

29 06 2007
jimmy soulios

its so funny that you said u had so many mda cell in 2 years i had at least 5 they always send me new on i hears it was the software

9 07 2007
Eddy Harris

Wow. I must be doing something wrong. I’ve had ONE (That’s right, 1) MDA in 14 months. The only problem I’ve had was caused by some freeware I downloaded. Cleared it out and been cruising problem free ever since. Now it’s starting to show some wear, falling out of car windows can do stuff like that. Wi-fi has always worked fine and fast. EDGE is EDGE so… yeah. It reads 4g mini just fine. Media player always works. After more than a year of cleaning the screen with any shirt I’ve had on at the time, and forcing it to be a MP3 player on morning runs, my battery door has lost a clip and the message button has lost it’s logo. Big whoop. Best device I’ve ever owned.

16 07 2007



20 07 2007
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28 07 2007

Sorry to hear about all the problems you guys have had. Guess I got lucky. had 1 for about 6 months and it works like it is supposed to. Of course I downloadeed and installed a little freeware called Smartskey which allows the right soft button to actually close programs when held down. That’s most likely the problem. win mobile 5 and I assume 6 will not close programs with the x button. simply minimizes them. To close a prog gotta go start then settings system tab memory running programs then stop the task you want closed or you can stop all. But that’s microshaft for you.

29 07 2007

tmobile is talkin some nonsense about only the dash gettin windows mobile 6, the mda is an overall better phone, and i would really appreciate if you would send me the link for the upgrade asap,,,thanks…

6 08 2007
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11 08 2007

I been throuh two mda’s in four months the both times my charging port for some reason got loose and i wasn’t able to charge my phone so what i did was i called tmobile to see if they would replace my phone and it sounded like they was willing to replace my phone with anything i wanted but they wasn’t able to because I already went through the ins co. for a replacement so I had to convence the ins co. to replace my phone with a wing and they did but the mess up part about it was that I had to pay a deductable of $110.00 for a second time but I must say that it was worth it switching from a mda to a wing.

12 08 2007

I have tmobile mda and i hate it.I’ve had several problems with it and now the usb is loose so I can’t even charge my phone. I feel $400 has gone down the drain. Please do not purchase this phone!!!

26 08 2007

I just bought mine directly from overseas, a bit pricy but i didnt want a hacked down version (mda / 8525) from expansys, and havent had one problem with mine at all.For minstant messaging check out IM+

4 12 2007

Had my MDA since April 2005. Dropped it several times. MANY battle scars. Stylus no longer stays in. Has never failed 🙂

10 01 2008
john cole

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21 04 2008

I have had the email issue repeatedly over the past year as well as no connection to the IM services. sent mail would just sit in my outbox until deleted. This is the third phone I have gotten in the 11 mo I have had an MDA. First one was replaced because the battery meter would read empty and the phone would shut off and reboot even though it had been on a charger all night.

Also the MDA repeatedly lost the ability to send and receive mail without deleting and recreating all mail accounts. Hours with tech support would usually fix the issue each time till January when it just quit sending at all and tech support could not fix it. After a 3 month fight I have a replacement MDA. Contract is up in May, barring some concession from T mobile the next contract will be with a different provider.

3 04 2010

ive had the same tmobile mda for 6 years, never had a problem, its been unlocked and running winmo 6 on att prepaid for 3 yrs

18 09 2014

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