Smokin fast 3G PocketPC phone finally out on Cingular! (HTC TyTN)

16 11 2006

The long awaited successor to my crap factory of a phone has finally dropped here in the US!  Cingular has released the HTC TyTN / Hermes / 8525 for $399 with a two-year indentured servant contract. Pretty pricey, but well worth it in my book. I’ve covered this phone extensively and can’t wait to test out those smokin HSDPA download speeds here in Manhattan. Santa if you’re reading, here’s the link.


The Turntable Laptop from Fujitsu!

9 11 2006

This ultra-sexy new laptop prototype from Fujitsu Japan integrates a touch sensitive LED panel on the back of the screen that lets you scratch and mix music using a tactile, hands on approach that makes DJs cry. It can even control the music on your external mp3 player (iPod, MobiBLU). Could a pair of these Core 2 Duo mobile warriors out do the classic Technics 1200’s? -No.  But your Apple whoring gimp ass will look slightly cooler rocking one of these at Starbucks than all the other MacBook drones. 🙂

Link goes to: Mobile DJs have never been so SEXY.

Tri-fold WiMAX EVDO Windows XP portable, only 1lb

7 11 2006

Just announced by Samsung/Anycall Korea is this ultra-sexy tri-folding powerhouse of a portable seen above (and below).  It’s rockin a 5″ widescreen touch panel, 1Ghz transmeta CPU, 30 gig hard drive, full mobile WiMAX chipset and EVDO data, and runs full Windows XP Professional (not the scaled down Windows CE you’d expect from such a small device). It can handle VoIP calls through it’s myriad of high speed mobile data connections along with Bluetooth 2.0 EDR. All these features would warrant a full sized laptop here in the states, but the krafty Koreans have managed to stuff it all into a ONE pound (1.2lb) handheld that’s entirely pocketable.

Oh, and they threw in a 1.3 megapixel video camera for shits n giggles. Who doesn’t these days..
Link goes to annoucement on The Korea Herald

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Heart Shaped ______.

6 11 2006

Heart Shaped ______.

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Ewan McGregor outside my office

6 11 2006

They’re filming the 2007 movie The Tourist outside my office on 41st and Park Ave right now and I happened to spot Ewan himself on my way out to lunch.

Help me Obi Wan!

Plot: An accountant (McGregor) is introduced to a mysterious sex club known as The List by his lawyer friend (Jackman). But in this new world, he soon becomes the prime suspect in a woman’s disappearance and a multi-million dollar heist

The Knife – NEW song: KINO (with Video)

3 11 2006

The Knife KinoAfter seeing/hearing it for the first time at their concert in NYC, I tracked down a short video clip of The Knife’s newest song, Kino. This mobile video doesn’t give the track justice, but its all i got at this point!

Watch the video for Kino by The Knife here

more: The Knife at Webster Hall video

3 11 2006

The Knife LIVE at Webster Hall 11.1.2006

And here’s the 2nd video shot by Janet Dakey (who was standing next to me at the show). You can catch my shrill girly screams of approval in the audio.


Here’s the video: more The Knife at Webster Hall

Quoted from Stereogum:

Whether it was a love for that José Gonzales cover, a need for a ticket stub of honor, or an all-out appreciation for the best electro-pop outfit in years, The Knife’s early show at Webster last night was the must-see on most hipster lists — and the block-long line for will-call (with the Cardigans in VIP!) had the shit-eating grins to prove it. The anticipation was palpabale and understandable; this was Karin and Olof’s first American show and only their twelfth overall. But it was our second Knife outing (the first was this summer in Norway), and expectedly less magical for it.

The setup was nearly the same: a scrim pulled before a spare stage, with the oh-so-mysterious siblings rocking a deep shade of Blue Man Group face paint and two instrument stations with jags and crosses of blacklight-reactive tape. One of many things that has kept The Knife from gracing these shores has been the prohibitive cost of transporting their equipment, but last night’s Webster set shows that their growing success has allowed them a decent touring budget. The stage had four huge puppet heads lined up left-to-right at rear stage, which had everything from blinking, three-eyed ghouls to normal human faces singing along to select songs. Sorta creepy, sorta cool.

With The Wall-at-your-local-planetarium type laser images projected on the scrim, and modern art styled animation clips racing across the back screen, the duo did their thing, dancing jerkily to crowd killers like “We Share Our Mother’s Health,” “Pass This On,” and “Silent Shout.” As for “Heartbeats,” it received a mild makeover, with Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” bass bongs and some altered arrangements — but ya can’t bury the melody, and ya can’t deny this is one of the great songs of this indie epoch.

At a Knife show, the backing music is entirely pre-recorded (Olof’s drumstick wielding is more choreography than actual drum pad pounding) but Karin’s vocals are live and spot-on; as hyped and attested to, they are primarily a “visual act,” but really, it’s all about the songs (which sounded amazing — Webster’s house system was made for this sort of pristine electro-rave goodness). And after this short sweep through the States, The Knife will either retire from live shows entirely (as they never planned on playing more than five), or entirely revamp their live shows. We’re hoping for the latter, ’cause records this good just sound better when you’re surrounded by a sea of sweaty bodies, ya know?