What the 21st Century Digital Boy wants for Christmas

18 12 2006

Sony Mylo

$349 Sony Mylo on Wikipedia


$155 Nazbaztag website and store

Bluetooth wireless speakers and VoIP speakerphone

$120 Link to product page

Sony electronic paper eBook and RSS reader

$349 Link to review at PCMag

Averatec Ultra Mobile PC

$800 Link to product review @ RegHardware

Samsung P310 credit card 3G cameraphone

$459 unlocked. Link goes to WirelessImports.com

To be continued…..




3 responses

18 12 2006

Ya know, I’ve read about 15 different reviews of that nazbaz thing and I still have no idea what it does.

18 12 2006

I could be entertained for hours with some of these 🙂

8 02 2007
Courtney Lawrence

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