NYC gets human billboard Vista launch

29 01 2007

Microsoft Windows Vista Launch Human Billboard
VIDEO: NYC Windows Vista Launch Human Billboard


Blog post from inside Microsoft’s Word 2007

24 01 2007

Testing Testing, 123. The new version of Word has built-in blog posting! I’m not sure if I’ll actually be using it over my tried, true, and available-anywhere web based interface, and definitely not over Performancing on Firefox; But at least it’s a step In the right direction for MS.

Miami WMC 2007’s juiciest party lineup yet!

22 01 2007

It’s almost that time of year again! Miami’s Winter Music Conference 2007 is shaping up to be the best mind-erasing excercise in decadence ever. Ultra Music Festival has fissioned into two full days this year, promising to be bigger n badder than ever. ‘But Ultra is so mainstream!’ you might say.
 -Yes dear, put down that $24 dollar cocktail and hop into the Bentley, we’re going to Nikki Beach!

Yes, that Nikki Beach! The party is Juicy Beach, A 17 hour WMC party of epic proportions. 24 world class DJs have been
confirmed for what everyone’s saying  will be the must attend event
of Winter Music Conference!

An expansion of last years sold out party at Opium Garden, this
years event appropriately named JUICY BEACH will begin at 12 noon and
continue on till 5 am, in all 3 areas of the Nikki Beach / Pearl
complex. Sun, Food, Music, white Sand beaches and those infamous beach
bed and teepees will be the atmosphere as Juicy head honcho Robbie
Rivera takes the decks alongside Benny Benassi, Gabriel & Dresden,
Judge Jules, Axwell, DJ Skribble, DJ Dan, Richard Vission, and a slew
of others.

“In Miami it is very important that people experience the beauty, music
and vibe that you can only get in the Nikki Beach setting. That
combined with the amazing talent performing will make our party a life
altering event.” says Juicy label owner Robbie Rivera

Juicy Music is a household name to most DJs. Recognized for its
quality house, progressive and electro music releases. The brainchild
of Producer/DJ Robbie Rivera, Juicy Music’s arsenal includes Antoine
Clamaran, Coburn, and emerging talent such as Willie Morales, Louie
Padilla, and Rooster & Peralta. In 2005 a new WMC tradition emerged
with the Juicy Music Event expanding the labels brand to event
production. Leading up to JUICY BEACH will be several Juicy events
around the US including Pawn Shop in Miami (January 26th), Empire
Ballroom in Las Vegas (February 3), and Bleu Nightclub in Detroit
(February 17th).

JUICY BEACH Full Line-Up and Listing
Venue: Nikki Beach & Pearl Nightclub
Address: 1 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach
Date: Thursday March 22nd, 2007
Doors: 12 noon till 5am (17 Hours)
Age: 21 and over with Proper ID
Tickets from $50 (includes day and night time parties) available at

Robbie Rivera
Benny Benassi
Gabriel & Dresden
DJ Dan
Antoine Clamaran
Chus & Ceballos
Judge Jules
Richard Vission
Donald Glaude
Harry Romero
Mark Knight
Tom Stephan
Richard Dinsdale
Kurd Maverick
Rooster & Peralta
Willie Morales
Nick Terranova & Austin Leeds aka Starkillers
Mar T
Brian Cross
Tony Arzadon
Louie Padilla

WHO’S GOING TO WMC THIS YEAR?  Comments please!

NYC Tonight: Things Are Going to Change, I Can Feel It

19 01 2007

My good friend is directing this hot performance tonight and Sunday here in NYC. Come check it out!

Things are Going to Change, I Can Feel It is an absurdist tale of a
stewardess who becomes the president of the United States of America.
During her years of leadership, under the Party of the Loosened Corset, she
is confronted with an invasion by Britain, war, economic distress, and her
own failures and triumphs as a political leader.  In January, IM will
present a multimedia, work-in-progress production of the piece which was
written in August 2001.  With its almost prescient examination of war,
terrorism, airplane crashes, wire tapping, ineffectual presidencies, and
“reality” pop culture, Things are Going to Change, I Can Feel It anticipated
many of the changes that have taken place over the last five years.

Written by Mike Smart
Directed by J.J. Lind
Performed by Gary Bronz, Max Dana, Brady Jenkins, Toby Lawless, Rachel Levy,
Ainna Manapat, Maki Takenouchi, and Liz Vacco

Friday, January 19, 2007 at 8pm and Sunday, January 21, 2007 at 3pm

Performances will be held at the Tank
The Tank @ Collective: Unconscious is located at 279 Church Street (between
Franklin and White)
Tickets are $5
For Reservations call (212)696-7227 or email

To get to The Tank by subway take:
A, C, E, J, M, Z, N, Q, R, W, Z, or 6 to Canal Street
1 to Franklin Street

Intoducing the Mobiblu Boxon: the tiny video-playin’ Skype-talkin’ N.K.O.T.B.

16 01 2007

That’s right, I just said NKOTB. (That’s New Kids on The Block for you poor souls over 30). Mobiblu snuck this little bad boy past us amidst the craziness that was CES 2007; but it looks like a formidable contender in the ultra-portable DAP space. The Boxon really is TINY, but manages to cram 2 gigabytes of storage, a crisp OLED video display, FM radio, line-in recording, and even Ogg Vorbis (audiophile) playback into it’s sleek, thin metal casing.
Is that all? Oh you thought that was all! No, it’s also got Skype. This means you can plug it into any connected computer and use the headphones and builtin microphone to make and receive those sweet-sweet free Internet phone calls.
No word on pricing or availablility yet (typical…)

Hey Mobiblu! I’d be happy to beta test one for ya. You never know how such a small device could react to our fat American fingers.

VIDEO: Windows 386 acid-trip promotional video

14 01 2007


Points to anyone know can get me some of what these guys are smoking. This is an actual promotional video from Microsoft back in 1992. All seems normal/boring until the 7 minute mark. THAT’S WHEN THE CRACK KICKS IN.

Watch Windows 386 Promo Video via Google Video

Wrist watch iPod killer goes unnoticed at CES amidst iPhone mania

13 01 2007

iRiver has gone further into the wearable dimension with this modified S10 (awesome) ultra-portable video and mp3 player wrist-watch. The USB connecting wrist strap not only holds the player firmly on your wrist, but gives it extra power via a flexible Lithium Ion battery. Details are scarce, but it’s not far fetched for iRiver to squeeze extra gigabytes of storage into the interchangeable bands. If you haven’t seen our coverage of the sexy S10 here, its basically an iPod Shuffle (2nd gen) killer, with similar minuscule dimensions and a killer OLED color display for videos.

Link to Gizmodo at CES 2007

iRiver’s global website (doesn’t seem to mention their new bad-boy yet)