Amaze your friends with a knockoff Apple iPhone for cheap

2 01 2007

This product is obviously a knockoff of Apple’s upcoming iPhone / iMobile / iSuckdick / whatever, but it is still a working GSM phone with touch screen and 2MP camera. This means it will run on Cingular or Tmobile here in the US and ships unlocked for either provider. Not bad for $142 USD right? There are a bunch of losers bidding for one of these on eBay right now for $500 but a simple Google search led me to this dealer selling it for under $150.  More pics at the link below.

Link to product page for the iPhone (buy it here too)




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2 01 2007

hey– could you please only use the “for:gothamist” tag on delicious for stories in our coverage area (nyc-stuff). you’ve been adding a lot of technology stories recently, and you know we don’t cover that stuff– it’s starting to feel spammy.


12 07 2007
Buy Used iPhone

whatever it is, it’s no way as sexy as the iphone
ok it’s cheaper but look at it and compare it to the iphone…c’mon

11 03 2008
Boxing » Amaze your friends with a knockoff Apple iPhone for cheap …

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