Wrist watch iPod killer goes unnoticed at CES amidst iPhone mania

13 01 2007

iRiver has gone further into the wearable dimension with this modified S10 (awesome) ultra-portable video and mp3 player wrist-watch. The USB connecting wrist strap not only holds the player firmly on your wrist, but gives it extra power via a flexible Lithium Ion battery. Details are scarce, but it’s not far fetched for iRiver to squeeze extra gigabytes of storage into the interchangeable bands. If you haven’t seen our coverage of the sexy S10 here, its basically an iPod Shuffle (2nd gen) killer, with similar minuscule dimensions and a killer OLED color display for videos.

Link to Gizmodo at CES 2007

iRiver’s global website (doesn’t seem to mention their new bad-boy yet)




2 responses

9 02 2007

Looks cool now the only thing it needs is a wristwatch protector to protect it from damage! Oh yeah, there is one. It’s called the WATCH-ET. Check it out a watch-et.com

21 02 2007

I have to agree these new wrist-wearable cellphone and i-pod’s are definetely going to need protection.The WATCH-ET wristwatch protector looks like a good candidate for that.

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