Free Tonite: Sander Kleinenberg @ Studio Mezmor

23 02 2007

Sander Kleinenberg at Studio Mezmor Crobar NYC mac harris

Our awesome friends at Time Out New York (you know who you are..cough cough.. Ian!)  have selectro’d us to be the recipients of a bunch of free VIP passes to tonight’s big Studio Mezmor club debut party with the one and only Sander Kleinenberg manning the decks.  We’ve already amassed our entourage in full so if any young, sexy, NYC readers want to tag along shoot us a comment!

Studio Mezmor is NYC newest “mega-club” and replaces the old standard Crobar at 530 W. 28th St in Chelsea..


Crobar finished? Re-opening as Studio Mezmor this weekend!

15 02 2007

Wow, apparently New York’s mainstay mega club Crobar is on its way out, like this weekend! I just got an invite to the grand opening of a new club called Studio Mezmor with Brooklyn’s own Sizzahandz performing. It’s goin down Saturday night at 530 W. 28th St. in Chelsea. Hmm that sounds familiar. Isn’t Crobar at 530 W. 28th St?

It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out; there have been Crobar/PaulVanDyk posters plastered all over the city since New Years advertising the Friday, Feb 16th party

I’m almost certain the space isn’t actually changing hands. Studio Mezmor’s site has future party dates with longtime Crobar pals Sander Kleinenberg, Victor Calderone, and DJ Vibe.

So if you believe the marketing blitz then Friday’s PVD party is the last hurrah for the legendary Crobar. Does this spell the same end/re-naming for the Miami, Chicago, and Buenos Aires Crobar clubs too?


UPDATE: Filter27 seems to have more concrete info on this:

The new name is a tip of the hat to the building’s original tenant, Colonel Francis Messmore. Under the new ownership, the venue has undergone a re-imagining, with improvements to the sound, video, and lighting. The main room’s architecture remains the same 10,000 square feet, column free dance floor with 35 foot ceilings. The 2nd floor Mezzanine, ground level VIP, and front room have all been re-designed into lush VIP bottle-service areas.

The club’s current music policy and bookings will remain intact (at least for now).

Lustworthy: iMate’s Ultimate 7150 super phone

13 02 2007

This bad boy has enough features to make the Jesus Phone cry.  While I’m cleaning up the druel, check out these specs:

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6
  • Intel Bulverde 520MHz
  • Quad-Band GSM/EDGE, Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/e/i
  • 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM
  • Micro SD card slot
  • VGA (640 x 480) Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR – up t 1.3 Mbps
  • Mini USB high speed – 480 Mbps
  • Direct Video Out XGA (connect a fullsize LCD monitor)
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 2.0 mega pixel camera
  • FM Stereo Radio
  • Microsoft Direct Push email directly from MS Exchange 2003 SP2

Now relax: breathe in…2..3…4.  Out…2…3…4…    That’s not all.  The phone functions as a Windows Vista Sideshow device! This means you can use your phone to access and control your PC or laptop, as a secondary display for Vista, or even as a Media Extender letting you watch all your pre-recorded movies, TV, and video on the phone via a WiFi or 3G cellular connection!

This is a big-up for i-Mate, who recently  got dumped by king-of-smartphones HTC from China. A lot of people thought it was curtains for i-Mate after that; but then all this Ultimate hype starting streaming out of 3GSM today, and we couldn’t be happier.  Available before June of this year (BEFORE the iPhone) on either Cingular/at&t or T-mobile.

Anti-War images

10 02 2007

And my personal favorite.

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Japan’s snow-digesting Picachu bot

8 02 2007

Our Japanese technologic-overlords are at it again! This experimental robot roams parking lots and sidewalks in search of a certain white powdery substance (no, not THAT substance). Using GPS sensors, built-in video cameras, tank-like treading, and zero human supervision, the Yuki-taro bot seeks out and gorges on snow; scooping it into its hungry mouth.pikachu_snowplow.jpg

That’s where things get weird. Instead of simply blowing or melting the snow down, the Pokemon-inspired automaton’s guts compress it into tightly packed blocks of ice; which are then pooped out the bot’s backside(!!!) and later collected and stored for Summertime refrigeration needs.
The inspiration for 800 pound Yuki-taro seems to come from mankind’s increasing fear of any sort of manual labor. Afterall, no one hates shoveling snow more than a Japanese scientist.

Link goes to Pink Tentacle

GPS Touchscreens invade NYC cabs

8 02 2007


Running perpetually late, I hopped a cab to work this morning and was instantly mesmerized by this glowing, talking, foreign object in front of me. (Sorry for the crap phonecam pics. here is a video I shot as well) Well, not SO foreign. The LCD touchscreen showed my current position on a map of NYC (stuck in gridlock at 34th and 6th Avenue) with cute little blue dots denoting my progress.news5m2.jpg This held my attention for about 10 seconds (probably just long enough for the advertisement to subliminally give me the urge to watch Heroes) and after pawing the screen I was presented with news, weather, and sports videos. Sweet! After reaching my destination at 41st and Park Ave, my fare appeared on the screen; I swiped my debit card right there and was on my way. A little Googling gave me this overlooked news bit from December:

From the AP Wire:

New York’s next generation of cabs is coming – complete with TV. The new features – designed to help riders pass the time, pay the fare and even find their lost umbrellas – are expected to start hitting the streets within two weeks.

The city Taxi & Limousine Commission gave a preview Thursday, showing off a touch-screen device that lets passengers check news and weather reports, look up restaurant reviews and track their cab’s progress on an electronic map.

The tracking feature also promises to make it easier for riders to retrieve things they leave behind. Rather than racking their minds for a medallion number, riders will be able to call a city information line and say where they were dropped off and what was lost. The taxi commission will work from that to try to find the cab.

The new features also include a credit-card reader, a significant addition for the largely cash-only taxi system. Riders can even calculate a tip.

Any of you readers been in one of these new NYC cabs yet? Or maybe something better in another city!?

Watch the video on YouTube

Fashion Week Parties: New York Couture

7 02 2007

sELECTROclash correspondents (a.k.a. me and my drunk friends) will be all over this party like West Villagers on a sample sale. You might be able to get in if you bring a printout of the flyer above, but you won’t get the VIP treatment like us, so check back for insider pics and possibly vids from this saucy event.