Japan’s snow-digesting Picachu bot

8 02 2007

Our Japanese technologic-overlords are at it again! This experimental robot roams parking lots and sidewalks in search of a certain white powdery substance (no, not THAT substance). Using GPS sensors, built-in video cameras, tank-like treading, and zero human supervision, the Yuki-taro bot seeks out and gorges on snow; scooping it into its hungry mouth.pikachu_snowplow.jpg

That’s where things get weird. Instead of simply blowing or melting the snow down, the Pokemon-inspired automaton’s guts compress it into tightly packed blocks of ice; which are then pooped out the bot’s backside(!!!) and later collected and stored for Summertime refrigeration needs.
The inspiration for 800 pound Yuki-taro seems to come from mankind’s increasing fear of any sort of manual labor. Afterall, no one hates shoveling snow more than a Japanese scientist.

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10 02 2007
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