Free Tonite: Sander Kleinenberg @ Studio Mezmor

23 02 2007

Sander Kleinenberg at Studio Mezmor Crobar NYC mac harris

Our awesome friends at Time Out New York (you know who you are..cough cough.. Ian!)  have selectro’d us to be the recipients of a bunch of free VIP passes to tonight’s big Studio Mezmor club debut party with the one and only Sander Kleinenberg manning the decks.  We’ve already amassed our entourage in full so if any young, sexy, NYC readers want to tag along shoot us a comment!

Studio Mezmor is NYC newest “mega-club” and replaces the old standard Crobar at 530 W. 28th St in Chelsea..




3 responses

23 02 2007

Hook me up, Mac, I love tattooed chicks. Can I get two?

25 02 2007
bobby d

my wife works for time out nyc. ian works for the village voice. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

6 03 2007

Okay Mac, Plankton over at Electro^Plankton is obsessed and I do mean OBSESSED with Sanders . . . so obsessed that part of his AIM name has the word “sanders” in it.

I can’t wait to tell him and watch his face go from happy to envious to jealous to indifferent to secretly pissed. God I’m so mean and I’m not even German.


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