[mobile_post] I JUST saw a man get shot many many times by NYPD in NYC’s West Village!

14 03 2007

I’m still in shock. I just witnessed this guy get killed by the police!!!!! We were having dinner on the sidewalk at Bamboleo at Bleeker and Thompson in Manhattan (update, Bamboleo’s actually Bleeker and Sullivan, sorry) and this guy with a briefcase gets stopped by a cop, he punches him in the face and takes off running. within seconds there was a torrent of gunfire, at least 100 shots, some were definitely automatic weapons. The guy falls dead on the ground right across the street in front of the deli. Fucking crazy! Everyone in the restaurant ran to the kitchen and hid until the firing stopped. My heart is still pounding, I’m writing this from my Tmobile MDA in a cab home.

Updated with AP Photos:amd_shooting2.jpgamd_gun1.jpgamd_shooting4.jpg

Update: Finally a major media outlet has picked up the story:

A gunman executed a bartender and shot dead two unarmed auxiliary cops last night in the heart of Greenwich Village before he was killed in a blistering gunfight with plainclothes officers, police said.

More than 50 shots were fired during the bloodbath that erupted at 9:26 p.m. when the gunman walked into De Marco’s Pizzeria and Restaurant on W.Houston St. at MacDougal St., police said.

Wearing a fake beard and a gray sweat suit, the gunman shot the bartender 15 times in the back after the bartender gave him a menu and turned away, witnesses told cops.

“He just came in and opened fire,” said a 26-year-old waiter from another restaurant. “People here are saying it was some kind of vengeance thing.”

Without a word, the gunman then ripped off the fake beard and ran out of the restaurant onto MacDougal St. and over to Bleecker St., which was crowded with tourists and pedestrians near New York University.

“That’s when all the O.K. Corral stuff happened,” the waiter said.

Police said the gunman fled to Sullivan St. where he cut down the two auxiliary cops – Nicholas Pekearo, 28, and Eugene Marshalik, a 19-year-old NYU student who graduated recently from Manhattan’s elite Stuyvesant High School.

“He literally crossed the street with his gun out to kill them in cold blood,” Mayor Bloomberg said early today.

“Tonight was a horrible night for the New York Police Department and for our city.”

Flight attendant Alan McDonald, 39, of Queens, said he and several friends were only feet away when the madman confronted Pekearo and Marshalik, who had been following him from the pizzeria.

“We thought it was a street fight at first,” McDonald said.

The two auxiliary officers wrestled with the gunman, David Garvin, 31, over a black shoulder bag that police sources said was packed with about 100 rounds of ammunition and a .380-caliber Russian handgun.

Both auxiliary cops continued after Garvin even after he started firing, McDonald said.

“They tried to use cars as cover … but there were rapid shots. I was paralyzed,” he said. “It was like something you see on TV.”

As Garvin began to run again, about six plainclothes cops intercepted him between Sullivan and MacDougal Sts. and told him to drop his 9-mm. handgun, police said.

The gunman refused and opened fire as terrified pedestrians ran into restaurants, shops and doorways for cover. When it was over Garvin lay dead in the street.

“He was on the ground, facedown. … He was full of bullet holes and blood was coming out,” said witness Jess Sears, 48.

“It must have been a whole magazine, 15 or 20 shots. Within two minutes there were hundreds of cops.”

The last time an auxiliary cop was killed in the line of duty was 14 years ago, when Milton Clarke, a 47-year-old father of five, was shot dead in the Bronx. Only seven auxiliary cops have been killed in the history of the NYPD, officials said early today.

At the 6th Precinct stationhouse, where Pekearo and Marshalik were assigned, one cop said, “You would see them and they would cheer you up. Both were very helpful. The community loved them and they loved the community.

“It’s a great loss for the department. It’s probably the worst day for the precinct since 9/11.”

Auxiliary police are unpaid civilian volunteers who aim to deter crime by acting as the “eyes and ears” of the NYPD and providing a uniformed presence.

About 4,600 of them patrol on foot and in marked cars and wear virtually the same uniform as regular officers. Auxiliary cops are equipped with radios, flashlights, handcuffs and nightsticks – but are not allowed to carry guns.

Yesterday’s bloodshed marked the fourth time in less than a week that city cops have been forced to fire their guns on duty. It also came just a day after a plainclothes cop was shot in Harlem and a uniformed officer was stabbed in Brooklyn.

Construction worker Meir Roth, 27, was still at the Greenwich Village crime scene a couple of hours after the shootings, trying to get his car, which he had abandoned with the motor running.

“I was at a red light at Bleecker and MacDougal when I heard it,” he said. “It started and stopped like three times. I saw people running all over the place. For a couple of seconds I didn’t know whether to duck down or run like hell.”

Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan, where witnesses recounted seeing paramedics bring in four wounded men. Police said officers from the sixth precinct were also brought to the hospital with minor injuries and are listed in stable condition.

“There was a person on the floor dressed in blue and they were working on him, [pounding] on his chest trying to revive him,” said Joe Giaimo, 59, who lives in the area.

“Another cop was pounding on the [patrol] car, going crazy. He really felt helpless and mad. I don’t know why he was going nuts. Maybe that was a friend or his partner.”

De Marco’s pizzeria was opened in 2004 by Margaret Miles, the daughter of Dominic De Marco, the owner of the famed Di Fara Pizza restaurant in Brooklyn.

Witnesses said the slain bartender, Romero Morales, 26, a Mexican immigrant living in Queens with his wife, appeared to recognize Garvin, who cops said lived in the Bronx but hung out in the Village with his girlfriend. Morales’ hands began to shake when the gunman walked inside, witnesses said.




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14 03 2007

I was at Bamboleo’s when it happened. I thought I was in Colombia or El Salvador. A total war zone.

15 03 2007
sid scatman

Where’s the video at? That’s crazy. Hit me up.


15 03 2007

Not to make light of the situation, but aren’t you from Texas? You should be used to gunshots no? 🙂

15 03 2007

Make I can always count on you to see what I watch on tv going on in the news live. It is crazy!

15 03 2007

You rock Mac. Keep these stories streaming in. I love the entertainment you feed me all the way from New York! Miss you! Now, dont get shot. xo

15 03 2007

DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you are ok…. i got all shaken up and had to go cry about it because i was so freaked out when dad emailed me about this. i’m so glad you are ok – i love you so much! – your big sis.

15 03 2007

That is some crazy shit…I see why Europeans are always commenting on how gun obsessed Americans are…I donßt see the dead guy in the picture though…

15 03 2007
Village Gunman Was Ex-DeMarco’s Employee at

[…] Some people were in the Village during the shooting and have written, posted video and photographs: A Brooklyn Life, Chelsa on Vimeo, selectroclash. […]

15 03 2007
Greenwich Village Gunman Caught on Tape at

[…] Some people were in the Village during the shooting and have written, posted video and photographs: A Brooklyn Life, Chelsa on Vimeo, selectroclash. […]

15 03 2007

Wow. Sounds scary! I think the fact that you wrote the post in the cab afterwards proves that blogging is the new journalism. It just doesn’t get any faster than that.

16 03 2007
Joe Hastings

Amazing. I have found this post fairly late on in the development but as mentioned above it is real proof of the power of blogging I suppose.

As for the incident, it is worthless opening up the can of worms that is gun ownership debates on this blog but lets just say I am one of those ‘Europeans’ who is always harping on about gun laws. It just amazes me, astounds me in fact, that people are capable of this sort of thing.

Listen to me. I am one of those internet knobends that feel it neccessary to voice their views in the comments of some poor guy who happened to see somethign awful happening.

In reality: an incredible post and I hope, for as long as I live, that I never find myself in your position.

16 03 2007
Jim Lunsford

Amazing and scary. Gunfights aren’t nearly as fun as they may look in the movies, are they? I’m glad you’re okay. The automatic weapons thing bothers me though. Full auto in an urban setting? Totally unneccesary and way too dangerous for innocent bystanders. Hope it was just the confusion of a fire-fight. Take care man and keep on keeping on, Jim

17 03 2007

Actually, I work near by the shooting may be less than half block, THANK GOD!, I colse the door at sharp 9 PM,usually I stay late. Even I am okay but the next moring I came the store and hear abouth the incident I was like shock and my feet were feeble and I can’t concentrate the whole day the atmosphere was very dull.
May the two auxliary cops and the bartneder find peace in heaven and be with GOD! My prayer are always with them.

19 03 2007
Monique Clarke

My father, Auxiliary Officer Milton Clarke, who was killed in the line of duty in 1993 received no benefits… while the city is promising benefits to the families of these 2 officers…. My sincerest condolences to the families of these 2 officers – I know their tragedy – but most of all… I wish an end to the run around they’ll probably get from the city agencies… AND IF they get benefits… we will see a discrimination suit.

19 03 2007

Of course the person who initiated this post had to title it “Police shoot man many many times!” As if to imply the cops did something wrong. Thank god they shot him, too bad they couldn’t have shot him earlier before he murdered three people. The moron who started this thread should have titled it “NYPD save the lives of many innocent civillians in the West Village – GOOD JOB!!”

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