The Smoker’s Phone….thanks again China

21 03 2007


Taking ‘convergence’ to new heights; I bring you the Smoker’s Phone!

from Mad4MobilePhones:

This is probably the most ridiculous product to come out of China in some time. The Smokers Phone looks like a cigarette packet but is in fact a real working mobile phone complete with a handy compartment inside to keep your cigarettes safe.With the official government warning stickers this handset looks exactly the same as a real cigarette packet and includes a microSD card slot, MP3 player, colour screen and VGA camera.





3 responses

14 01 2008
Lil animal

what a weird invention…..i dont think a lot of people will use it tho, do you??

21 04 2008

I love the smokers phone. I saw somone with it and talked about it to friends and I now have demand for 50,000 pieces. where can i get the address of the manufacturer.

18 06 2008
paul c from blackpool

hiya its paul from monty in blackpool i luv the smokers fone where can i buy 1 from and how much do they cost

cya wot a fone xx

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