NYPD movin’ on up- to Mercedes patrol cars!?

28 03 2007

nypd police mercedes benz patrol cars nyc
nypd police mercedes benz patrol cars nyc 2

I was walking home from work yesterday and spotted this ultra chic Mercedes S-Class sedan fully decked out in New York Police Department garb; check out the pics. I’ve seen the new Dodge Charger HEMI cop cruisers, but this is a little over the top, especially considering the MSRP on a new S-Class is over $100,000.

Pics taken with my MDA phonecam at  East 3rd. st. and Avenue B. NYC




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28 03 2007

It’s most likely a confiscated vehicle from a convicted criminal. They had a Lexus and an Escalade in Oakland a few years ago.

29 03 2007
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29 03 2007
NYPD upgrades to S-Class | Michael 2.0

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29 03 2007

FAKE, there’s no 15th pct.

29 03 2007

This is a fake.
The precinct number gives it away – there is no 15th Precinct.
Well there was on TV if you watch NYPD Blue.

29 03 2007

Fake, thats a civillian liscense plate

29 03 2007

If it is fake, it couldn’t be legal, right? You can’t just drive around the city pretending to be a cop.

So what’s the explanation?

29 03 2007
Anonymous Coward

My guess would be that it’s being used in a movie shoot somewhere.

29 03 2007

I’m sure it is going to be part of the car show over at the Javitz Center next week. There is a taxi exhibit planned.


30 03 2007
mikevu.com » Blog Archive » NYPD upgrades to S-Class

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30 03 2007

The NYPD actually has some marked Highway Patrol units with civilian passeneger plates. However, they are “slick top” units, without any lightbars, but NYPD markings.

31 03 2007

WOW. You guys are sooooooooooooo smart.

9 07 2007

Excellent Blog …. Thanks

23 08 2007

It’s obous it’s a fake because one there arn’t silver NYPD cars and two there is a big wire coming from the vector lightbar.

4 09 2007

15th precinct is where nypd blue was based out of, thats how you can tell – not real to my knowledge.

1 Pct 16 Ericsson Place 1-212-334-0611
4 Pct New York Undercover Not actual pct.
5 Pct 19 Elizabeth St. 1-212-334-0711
6 Pct 233 West 10 St. 1-212-741-4811
7 Pct 19 1/2 Pitt St. 1-212-477-7311
9 Pct 321 East 5th St. 1-212-477-7811
10 Pct 230 West 20th St. 1-212-741-8211
13 Pct 230 East 21st St. 1-212-477-7411
15 Pct NYPD Blue Not actual pct.

13 10 2007

It could be that it is being used for a movie shoot hence the wire coming from the vector lightbar… or a confiscated vehicle that’s caught in some downed wires…

3 11 2007

We have MB S class Police cruisers here in Slovenia,EU.But they mostly patrol highway for high speed drivers.In the city we have Opel Astra cruisers which are ligt and fast,and are not so expensive if they crash them.And yes they are white and blue.

2 02 2008

It’s 115pct… Not 15pct…

14 03 2008

No, its 15th pct…the blue that you see before the completely visible “1” is the blue line that wraps around, not a 1. That car is obviously not a real NYPD car, period..

6 08 2008

Well we have Some Subarus patrol cars s suck my balls america, ENGLAND ALL DA WAY. i hope thats a fake cop killing innocents hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha or a terrorist

12 11 2010

Yeah, Subarus, but what do you guys do when the suspect is armed? run away to your cowardly stations. please dont shoot mr criminal! ive been a good boy!

5 10 2008

i know some real cops killing innocent and they are not from america, but london. go ask the family of that innocent brazilian immigrant killed by london police in 2005

3 02 2009
joyce wild

Check out my stretch NYPD . !st to do it .

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