$3 on eBay to de-black your Blackberry.

30 04 2007

blackberry_8700_orange.jpgI got sick of being tagged as yet-another corporate drone shackled to his Crackberry on the subway (honestly I’ve been scoffed at by a HTC TyTn user for having such a bland device) so I picked up this sexy red-orange case for my work issued Blackberry 8700c on eBay for 3 bucks. I’d call it a Redberry, but China already has those


MobiBLU addiction leads to desperate wire splicing

27 04 2007

MobiBLU Cube 2 charger wire splice DIYThe effects of my music addiction have reached a new low/high today. I’ve been without a charger for my MobiBLU Cube mp3 player for three days now and, with no tunes for my daily commute, have been slowly going insane. So today at work I gnawed through a USB cable and managed to splice the wires to the end of a pair of shitty white headphones I had lying around the office. I can’t believe it worked but my lil cube is charging up as we speak!

MobiBLU Cube 2 spliced wire charger

SpankRock playing for free tonight in Union Square

24 04 2007

Tonight at 7pm Spank Rock will be performing a free show at the Virgin MegaStore in Union Square (NYC not San Fran, sorry).  Saw these guys in Miami last year, they kick ass!  Check out their tracks and pics on their myspace page

1,000,000 Free Efficient Light bulbs for Earth Day!

22 04 2007

Home Depot is giving away 1,000,000 compact flourescent light bulbs (CFLs) today for Earth Day. Just show up at any Home Depot nationwide for your free one (they usually cost up to $10 a pack).

CFL’s consume 75% less electricity and last 10,000 hours to incandescant’s 1500. The company says the energy savings from its giveaway equate to the removal of 70,000 cars from US roads. They’re not as efficient as the new swanky LED bulbs on the market, but still many times better than ye olde Edison bulbs we use now.

Light bulb comparison (Excel Sheet)

Happy Earth Day!

Now Quick! Go drive your CO2 farting SUV to to the mega-mart to puchase yet another electrical device encased in petro-plastic packaging; add another plastic shopping bag; then throw everything (don’t forget the obsolete light bulbs) into a landfill; a.k.a the future site of your children’s elementary school. eLle. Oh. eLle.


It’s 4/20. Do you know where your bong is?

20 04 2007

Drugs are Bad mmm,k?  420 4-20 april 20

It’s like Christmas for burners. Vancouver is having an 8,000 strong 420 smoke-in this afternoon at (gasp) 4:20pm! Niagara Falls potheads are taking to the streets for a legalization rally. What’s odd is I haven’t heard of anything big happening here in NYC to celebrate this glorious day. So I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands (and lungs) and celebrate the harvest on my own.

I hope there isn’t anyone reading this site who doesn’t know what 420 symbolizes. But not many people know where it all started. In high school all my friends said 420 was the police arrest code for marijuana possession. Apparently that was bullshit. Here’s the scoop from Wikipedia:

It is widely accepted that in 1971, a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California, calling themselves “The Waldos”, used to meet every day after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke marijuana at the Louis Pasteur statue. [2] [3] The term became part of their group’s salute, “420 Louis,”[4] and it eventually caught on more widely. Many cannabis users continue to observe 4:20 as a time to smoke communally. By extension April 20 (“4/20” in U.S. dating shorthand) has evolved into a counterculture holiday, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis.[5] [6]

There are also many apocryphal urban legends attempting to explain the origin of the term. Two of the most common of these are that 420 refers to the number of active ingredients in cannabis, or that it is police dispatch code for cannabis.[7] In actual fact there are around 315 active chemicals in cannabis, varying depending on the exact plant used, and 420 has never been verified as the police dispatch code for anything in any locale.

Is this really necessary?

18 04 2007

Starbucks is open

Mobloggin’ this pic I snapped on my way home from work of a rather official D.O.T. looking sign directing all downtown traffic that yes, the WTC Starbucks IS open. So no need to panic (or yield to pedestrians)  people.

Free Tonight: Swimming, Wine, Cheese, and Boobies in Times Square

17 04 2007

Hotel QT is at it again with another one of their famously sexy parties. The only time I’ve been there was for Cyndi Lauper’s birthday party and it was a blast.  You can’t beat a hotel pool with swim up bar in Midtown. Especially when everything’s free!

An organic wine & cheese sampling from 7-9 and complimentary ayurveda, intuitive healing, reflexology, and vortex healing on the mezzanine all night. Did we mention that the mezzanine overlooks a gorgeous pool, sauna and steam room? No need to bring a towel, as big fluffy ones are provided. Last time there was a woman playing a flute poolside. There’s also a swim-up bar and sometimes, women take their tops off. If you’re not otherwise scheduled and you don’t stop by QT tonight, you’re clearly a masochist.

Love via MyOpenBar