Free Tonight: Klaxons & Steve Aoki (Kid Millionaire) @ Hiro Ballroom

12 04 2007


Ever since I heard their single Gravity’s Rainbow I’ve been following the UK sensation Klaxons. From myspace pages to twitter posts to moblogs to seedy P2P downloading networks, the Klaxons are everywhere; including here in NYC tonight at Hiro Ballroom (below the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea). Best of all it’s FREE! Good ole has even arranged some quenching drink specials for the modern day lush about town: 2-For-1 Vodka Drinks 10pm-11pm
$8 Tiger-Beer-and-Whisky-Chaser-Combo, and $4 Sparks

I don’t want to think about what kind of Whisky they’ll be serving at that ‘combo’ price, but I’m sure It will go down easy by the time I’m drunk enough to order one.

Be sure to RSVP over at HeyLetsGo! so you’re on the guestlist; no one likes to pay for something that should be FREE!




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