Pandora Internet Radio goes mobile – coming to Samsung UpStage

23 05 2007

Pandora, everyones favorite Internet radio site, is coming to your mobile music phone. With the future of net radio hanging on the brink in Congress, it’s good to see Pandora forging ties with the mobile industry to ensure its survival. Sprint is taking the lead by announcing support for several phones, including the Samsung UpStage, which I’ve had the pleasure of testing / lusting over for the past two weeks.

I really love this phone- it’s super slim, stores 2gigs of mp3s and videos, plays about 20 live TV stations on its big back screen, and even manages to make great phone calls. The leather case it comes with is actually an extended battery too, a big bonus when you’re jamming out to its built-in stereo speakers for extended periods of time.

How did I get to TEST out this sexy lil number you ask? No, I’m sadly not David Pogue or another one of those fancy New York Times technology writers. I am simply playing Sprint by their own marketing drivel. They now offer a full 30 day return policy for new customers. So I just picked up the phone at a RadioShack for $99 (signing up for a two year indentured-servitude in the process) and have every intention of returning the phone, getting my money back, and canceling the contract. Sure I’ll have to pay for the 4-5 music tracks I downloaded over the airwaves using the Sprint Music Store and a few minutes of talk time, but it’s been well worth it.


Free in NYC: DJ Poolparty @ QT and Fedde le Grand @ Hiro

17 05 2007

Thursdays are the new Frida…… oh whatever, you don’t need an excuse to party. Here’s one free party Tonight and one for Friday so you don’t have to make the choice.

Fedde Le Grand DJs / Men Women & Children play live @ Hiro Ballroom
Fedde Le Grand NYC Hiro Free
Come and celebrate the GBH 9 Year Anniversary with us at Hiro Ballroom – the home of our Cheeky B*stard Party – this Thursday night. We have special guest DJ Fedde Le Grand (producer of the crossover club hit ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’) who will be rocking the ones & twos (which we are very excited about, as he’s supposed to be awesome) and an early live performance from Men Women And Children – who we asked back simply because when they played for us last time, they not only sounded great, but they showed us how they could transform our humble venue into a packed room of happy, (uncontrollably) dancing and screaming people with their hands up in the air (for detroit, presumably)… so having them back for our anniversary was a no-brainer.
TKOmri will also be spinning, along with Cheeky residents Alex English and Peter Makebish.

Doors open at 10pm.

(Sign-up is free and simple, but only one sign-up per person – no plus ones!!)
When you arrive, just say you are on the ‘Cheeky List’.


Creme de la QT Hotel QT party pool Free NYC

NYC gets a visit from the other side of the country with Creme De La Creme. Last month they held it down in LA, and this month they serve up an equally good dish to the Hotel QT. Them Jeans will be playing his favorite pool party jams alongside some familiar NYC faces Roxy Cottontail, Catchdubs and DJ JM. Don’t forget your bathing suit, the pool will be open! Must RSVP

Japanese Smartphones – Boohoo for You! (Americans)

17 05 2007

Hilarious J-pop inspired video poking fun at the pathetic state of Western smartphones. When will the coveted aroma-phones finally make it to our fat sweaty american bear claws?


15 05 2007


This video is shocking and hilarious, blasé until the last 5 seconds, you need to watch this.

My T-mobile MDA hacked up to Windows Mobile 6

14 05 2007

Windows Mobile 6 Crossbow on Tmobile MDA Wizard T-mobile USA WM6

Windows Mobile 6 Crossbow on Tmobile MDA Wizard T-mobile USA WM6 2

After several crashes and failed attempts, I finally got the new Windows Mobile 6 (Crossbow) operating system running on my T-mobile MDA PocketPC phone. There are several different homebrew ROMs floating around the net for the HTC Wizard (called the T-mobile MDA here in the US) and I chose the Core2 ROM by Xplore. It starts up fast, handles multiple apps better, and overall is pretty damn sweet. Hit me up in the comments if you want the secret link to download the ROM. 🙂

UPDATE:  Geez you guys are a demanding bunch.   The link to the ROMs is actually already visible somewhere on this very webpage.  In the interest of promoting this site I’m going to make you find it yourselves.  Here’s a hint.. the link text begins with ‘HTC Wizard’.  Don’t ask me for help installing the upgrade, the Internet acronym RTFM does exist, afterall,  so n00bs will… Read The Fucking Manual!

David Hasselhoff DRUNK, Lost his kids because of this video..

8 05 2007

Not as good as Willem vs. Limoncello, but it gets funnier towards the end.

New 408hp hybrid sex toy from Toyota

6 05 2007

Toyota Volta

Toyota Volta

Toyota Volta

I’m seriously diggin’ this new concept by Toyota.

In 1800, Alessandro Volta arranged zinc and copper discs in a column and invented the battery. 204 years later, Toyota has electrified automotive history with the first high-performance hybrid, named in his honor. The Giugiaro-designed carbon-fiber body seats three people abreast and features “drive-by-wire” controls, allowing you to position the steering wheel and pedals in front of any one of them. And the Volta’s 408-hp Hybrid Synergy Drive® (a 3.3-liter V6 with an electric motor for each axle) not only delivers 435 miles on a 13.7-gallon tank, but 0-60 acceleration in a mere four seconds. Somewhere, Count Volta is smiling.

More pics from Toyota’s site