Pandora Internet Radio goes mobile – coming to Samsung UpStage

23 05 2007

Pandora, everyones favorite Internet radio site, is coming to your mobile music phone. With the future of net radio hanging on the brink in Congress, it’s good to see Pandora forging ties with the mobile industry to ensure its survival. Sprint is taking the lead by announcing support for several phones, including the Samsung UpStage, which I’ve had the pleasure of testing / lusting over for the past two weeks.

I really love this phone- it’s super slim, stores 2gigs of mp3s and videos, plays about 20 live TV stations on its big back screen, and even manages to make great phone calls. The leather case it comes with is actually an extended battery too, a big bonus when you’re jamming out to its built-in stereo speakers for extended periods of time.

How did I get to TEST out this sexy lil number you ask? No, I’m sadly not David Pogue or another one of those fancy New York Times technology writers. I am simply playing Sprint by their own marketing drivel. They now offer a full 30 day return policy for new customers. So I just picked up the phone at a RadioShack for $99 (signing up for a two year indentured-servitude in the process) and have every intention of returning the phone, getting my money back, and canceling the contract. Sure I’ll have to pay for the 4-5 music tracks I downloaded over the airwaves using the Sprint Music Store and a few minutes of talk time, but it’s been well worth it.




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