Sopranos – WOW.

10 06 2007

If you like most people who just watched the finale, you’re probably pissed. “What the fuck?!” was the first thing to come out of your mouth, no doubt. And you know what, you would have said that no matter what happened.

If Tony ended up rotting in prison, you would’ve said “what the fuck?!”

If Tony ended up being brutally shot, on camera, and we saw his family crying over his bullet-ridden body, you would’ve said “what the fuck?!”

If a terrorist attack killed everyone on the show, including that weird little cat, you would’ve said “what the fuck?!”

This is why this ending was BRILLIANT. Brilliantly executed. Extremely suspenseful (so much so that I couldn’t sit still). And totally unexpected.

The greater majority hates any ending that isn’t tied up into a neat little bow. But what they don’t realize is that great endings are those that require some work on the audience’s part. I mean god forbid we do any thinking of our own, right? Over time, I believe people will come to love this episode. Arguably, the best ending to a show ever.

– CB




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10 06 2007

I think Tony gets whacked by the Russian Mafia. It was great when the screen went blank. I grabbed my controller and was like “what the hell” then 2 seconds later I thought I wonder how many other people just did the same exact thing.

No matter how thew show ended it would be anticlimactic. It was good. I feel a void now.

11 06 2007

I should be watching this Code
Thank you very much

11 06 2007

for those that missed it: spurs up 2-0 on the cavs. 2 games away from their 4th championship

back to topic: the hitman going to the bathroom was a direct hommage to the godfather….

11 06 2007
Joanne rose

I heard on WGN radio in Chicago this morning (call in program) that in the 1st season of the show there is a flashback episode with Tony and Janice as children in a restaurant with their parents and his father gets whacked in front of them. The caller thought it was a perfect way to begin and end the series. I don’t remember this episode. Does anyone else? Another caller said the guy heading to the mens’ room was Phil’s nephew and 2 guys in a booth had tried to off Tony in earlier seasons.

11 06 2007

i thought it was pretty damn good

11 06 2007
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