Watch HBO’s John from Cincinnati second episode a week early!

11 06 2007

john from cincinatti hbo luke perryHBO’s new bread and butter hopeful John from Cincinatti premiered directly after the final episode of The Sopranos last night. Not sure if you dig it or not? Neither are we. But this might help: We’ve just discovered that next week’s episode of the new show is already available on HBO On Demand right now. Grab your remote and see for yourself!

Enjoy! Give us a shout in the comments on if it’s worth watching.




5 responses

11 06 2007

Not even the first episode is available from Comcast’s HBO On demand, just the 60 second preview.

13 06 2007

I watched both episodes on demand from comcast… the second episode was better than the first

13 06 2007
o4g46 is availabe for character, plot info.

13 06 2007
Brian K.

I can’t believe they aired the second episode already… i thought it was a mistake and watched it right away. This show makes me feel as if i were watching a movie, and i just want to see more. Some of those actors are real surfers too, so the surfing is truly “bad ass”. I can see this becoming a really big hit, especially with summer right around the corner… who doesn’t love the beach?

20 08 2007

All the unanswered questions from the last episode of JFC I guess will remain unanswered. Now that the show has been canceled. Seemed to me that the last episode was all over the place & the beginning was a bit too obvious with Shawn & John comming out of the clouds—I get it, we are supposed to think he is really a little green guy. Very disappointing.

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