Cellphone Watch also takes pics, plays tunes, cooks breakfast

31 07 2007

cellphone wrist watch mp3 media player phone bluetooth

cellphone wrist watch mp3 media player phone bluetooth
Fresh from the Asian gadget blog-scraping bin today is a bluetooth-enabled cellphone wristwatch that triples as a 2 megapixel camera and a media player.

I can’t read the language on the link, but there’s lots more pics so here it is anyway.  No pricing or release date yet, but this sure makes my previously-awesome non-phone-or-camera wristwatch look pretty lame doesn’t it?




4 responses

18 10 2007

There is a watch protector called the WATCH-ET that is a perfect accessory for the cell phone wristwatch.

30 11 2007

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25 12 2007

Cool gadgets!)

7 04 2008
tv bracket

It’s been over a year, but still I don’t see the product around here. Too bad..

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