Sprint Sux

23 08 2007

Don’t use them. I had an issue with sprint in July where my voice service was randomly cutoff (but not just mine when I went into the sprint store on Ave of the Americas I was told it was affecting many customers). Long story short retentions offered me free text messages and a 60 dollar credit to not cancel for breach of contract. Fast forward two months and the 60 dollar credit is still not applied and, shocker, they don’t have any record of it ever existing. So after numerous calls I finally wrote this email to Sprint Executive Offices and CC’ed consumerist so we will see what happens:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing you about a never ending story involving my sprint account, on July 13th I noticed that my voice service didn’t work and that I could not make or receive calls after many trips to the sprint store, plus calls to *2 I was told that they didn’t know what the problem was, but rest assured, it would be solved in 24-48 hours. Well 11 days later and I still don’t have voice service. On getting a new handset my service was restored (something both tier 1 &2 tech support said would definitely not help) during the period my phone was not working I was told by retentions that I would be getting a 60 dollar credit as well as unlimited text messages (for free, because this was the only way I could communicate).

Well fast forward to today, TWO MONTHS later and I still do not have unlimited text messages and no credit for the 60 dollars. I called in via *2 last week about the changes that were supposed to happen (which didn’t and resulted in me getting a 40 dollar bill for text message I was told were to be free) that rep ultimately said that they would refund the amount you wanted for the txt messages + a late fee. They then said that they saw the note on my account for the 60 dollar refund and they would have to have their supervisor do it, but that they were in a meeting and would have to do it later on. I was told this would happen that day or the next. Well now its a week later and I still have no credit applied and when I called back the rep says there was no note on my account regarding a 60 dollar refund and there was nothing she could do to help me oh and by the way I would only be getting 6 months of free unlimited text messages, after which time I’m sure you would start charging me for a service you volunteered to give me so that I did not cancel my service for breach of contract (failure to provide the service agreed upon).

So I am writing to you and hoping that you are able to see the problem with this situation and properly refund me my 60 dollars as well as enact the free text messages I was promised. Or is this a case of your tech support saying whatever they want to end the call and keep call times short? Please note I have not yet paid my bill from July because of the billing discrepancy. I am perfectly willing and able to pay to this bill, as soon as your resolve the error.

UPDATE: So I called the sprint executive service hotline, and it worked wonders they credited my account instantly and all was well with the world!

703-433-4401 Call now if you have problems!




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