Hands on with the Pantech Duo 3G

30 10 2007

The guys at AT&T just got the new Pantech Duo in stock.  It’s much smaller than I imagined and makes the Helio Ocean look like a Newton.  The keyboard feels great and the slide action is smooth.  Just wish it had WM6 Pro instead of Standard, but otherwise this baby’s rockin’ 3G data, decent camera, and all the Exchange Push Mail you can eat.  $249 with two-year indentured servitude.

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Kid Robot NYC

26 10 2007

Kid Robot NYC

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So you gonna buy some wigs or ain’t ya!?

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Boynq’s sexy new WakeUp iPod system

25 10 2007

Boynq WakeUp iPod speaker system

This has got to be the new de-facto ultimate-in-cool from the crowded iPod dock arena.  The design pros at Boynq have unleashed their new WakeUp iPod system which not only looks amazing, but packs some serious features too.  A 20-watt speaker system has plenty of power for your tunes;  there’s video-out for connecting to TVs; a removeable wireless remote that charges itself when you’re iPod’s away; an FM radio tuner; and oh yeah- it’s an alarm clock too.

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Should be shipping stateside before the holidays, but it’s already in the hands of discerning eurotrash for about $185.

Boynq.com  via Technabob

Livedrunkblogging: Justice live in NYCi

22 10 2007

Livedrunkblogging: Justice live in NYCi

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Augmented reality marches forward with NTT DoCoMo’s robot avatar

18 10 2007

Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo has released this video of their U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi green skinned robot. When viewed through a head-mouned-display (you know those video glasses dorks wear to watch iPod movies with), a video avatar is overlaid and mapped to the robot so it looks like a real person from any angle. 

Slim Cellphone with video projector

17 10 2007

projector handheld cellphone future concepthandheld projector cellphone phone concept future

Coming from the utopian futurists of Japan is this concept flip phone with a builtin video projector running.. gasp… Windows Mobile!?  via AkihabaraNews

Finally a watch-phone that’s not fugly: Hyundai’s W-100

15 10 2007

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Finally a watch-phone that doesn’t reek of designless Chinese grey market manufacturing.  This little wearable phone from Hyundai looks good enough to be seen in public with.  Inside its iPod white shell it’s packin’  some respectable hardware. International GSM radio for phone calling,  a relatively high resolution touch screen, removeable microSD memory card slot for videos, photos, and tunes, stereo bluetooth and a 1.3megapixel camera to boot. There’s also a removeable SIM card slot behind the battery.

No word on price or availability (I’m sure its already on the streets of Hong Kong as I type) but I’ll be checking my local craigslist underground electronics dealers to see about this one.

via PhoneDaily.com (in CHINESE)