Solar Powered PMP plays games, charges your gadgets

15 11 2007


This little Chinese media player sports a 3.5″ LCD, 2GB internal storage (with an SD expansion slot bonus), and plays Nintendo, Gameboy, and Gameboy Color games. Pretty run of the mill these days, huh?  Not so fast!  This bad boy unfolds to reveal two high output solar panels which not only charge up the internal LiOn battery, but also any USB enabled gadget up to 9volts (this includes iPhones/iPods, blackberries, and pretty much any other USB gadget you’ve got lying around.) Not bad in the looks department either.  Import today at the low low price of $144 USD.



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Harder Bodies Faster Stronger!

15 11 2007


Philips Dynamic Daylight Window

8 11 2007

Control the amount of light, the color, and effects coming through your futuristic home’s windows with Philips new Dynamic Daylight Window. A simple wave of the hand is the interface. Amazing.

Thinking About Buying a Maxtor Hard Drive? Think Again!

8 11 2007


So on Feb 15th I bought 4 Maxtor MaxLine Pro 500gig drives for a RAID 5 server (model#7HF500). Fast forward to September and one drive fails, no big deal RAID 5, pay for advanced shipping replace the drive, rebuild the array, awesome. Then 9 days ago another HD fails, I contact Maxtor/Seagate immediately and they agreed to advance ship me a replacement for free since this was the second on to fail. Great. Tonight, I get the new drive. Install the new drive, boot up my server (turned off to avoid the next thing) and find out that ANOTHER drive has failed, so there goes my RAID aray (not to mention that 5 petabytes of anime).


P.S. I met some marketing guy at an event that maxtor/seagate was at and he confirmed that maxtors have terrible reliability but said that the seagate drives were much better. Anything has to be better then then 3 drives failing so close together, it must be a mfg issue. And yes the 3 drives that have failed were all purchased at the same time so were probably the same batch off the line. If you have a failed maxtor drive leave a comment and let me know.


Live at the DigitalLife Holiday Press Event in NYC!

6 11 2007

Live at the DigitalLife Holiday Press Event in NYC!

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Gadgets, free booze, and food. What more could one ask!?

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