30 12 2007


All you sELECTROCLASHERs are invited to our exclusive upscale New Year’s eve party in SoHo. Top shelf open bar and great DJs going all night with a champagne toast at midnight. Visit http://dv8nye.com for more info.



28 12 2007


Those images are just a small sample of what my darling sister has to look forward to. In other news if you are in NY and want a Wii get to them Ninentendo World store ~1 hour before it opens, wait outside for 1.5 hours and then inside for another 1.5 hours and you too can have a wii. I asked the clerk how many they got but they refused to tell me, however from some crafty line scouting as well as solid estimation skills I can definitively say that the number is between 140 and 180 wii’s everyday. So thats the dilly. Also they were sold out of wario ware smooth moves, sorry lisa!


18 12 2007


So apparently there is something to this Wii thing after all, this intrepid reporter trekked up to Nintendo world at the crack of dawn (AKA 8am) only to find a soul crushingly long line, ridiculous. I’m going to try and head there super early tomorrow, like 6am to snag one and if not, well a certain someone will be getting an IOU for xmas, sorry.  Also NYC craigslist which was selling them for 325 back in the summer is not up to a solid 425-500 so don’t count on that either.

Air Up There

17 12 2007

Some clever artist has put up a super (unsafe) high bench on Houston by the ole APT.

more pic’s on flickr here: Bench PhotoSet

Make this Christmas ‘slap yo mama good’ with Chris Christmas Rodriguez

14 12 2007

If you invite him or you don’t, welcome the new Santa with open arms!

Dubai.. home of the fun police

7 12 2007


Imagine flying for a god awful 10 hours to land in a sandy desert, getting ready to spin for a sold out club of nearly 3000 people. But wait, you left a tiny bit of ganja in your record bag, not so bad right? Think again! Grooverider now faces 4 years in jail AND deportation due to having a harmless porn dvd (I guess DJ’s get lonely too?) and something to take the edge off the long flight.

Beware all, no one is safe in Dubai from the fun police!

Resident Advisor Article

Apple’s New NYC Flagship Store

7 12 2007


In a city where your iPod is your car stereo, you had to know that 2 Apple stores weren’t going to be enough. Say hello to the newest edition, opening today on W 14th in the Meatpacking district. The largest store in the city (and second largest in the US), this will be the new hub of Apple operations on the East coast. The outside of the store looks exactly like the SoHo store, with no branding besides an Apple logo hanging from a lamp post.

The inside of the store is 3 stories and 35 feet high and occupied by the most complex glass staircase ever made. Outfitted with the normal Apple interior decorations, there are reasons to visit even if you’re not in the market for a new Mac Book Pro. For the first time in any of their stores, Apple will be offering free Pro workshops. If you’ve been meaning to learn how to use all those icons that come by default on your dock, get your ass to the meatpacking district.