NVIDIA’s new APX 2500. iPhone killer?

13 02 2008

NVIDIA’s new APX 2500 iPhone killer

Graphics card maker NVIDIA’s new mobile chipset has some serious power. Aside from the crystal clear high resolution touchscreen on this prototype unit, the real appeal is the 3D graphics power under the hood, demoed playing Quake 3 at full speed. This isn’t just a portable gaming unit though, it’s a full smartphone too. Rocking 3G data at 7.2 Mbps HSDPA (in US and Euro bands), quad-band GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, cameras, all running Windows Mobile 6 underneath that beautiful user interface.
It looks stringingly similar to a certain talked about product from Apple (cough cough), with several superior specifications. Thanks to Engadget for the pics (lots, lots more here).

Check out the video demo of the smooth Vista’ish / iPhone’ish user inferface below.[Youtube=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsYFXGKUIpE”%5D


My tiny EEE PC compared to Dell’s gargantuan Inspiron 1720

11 02 2008

My tiny EEE PC compared to Dell’s gargantuan Inspiron 1720

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I’ll take my EEE to the airport and leave this monster at home, where it belongs, as a desktop computer.

Join sELECTROclash at the 2008 MS Walk @ Jones Beach

5 02 2008

Team AmeriKa Multiple Sclerosis logo - Erika Munsch

Date: May 4, 2008
Location: Jones Beach State Park
Event Manager: Vickie Cella
Email: vcella@nmssli.org
For more information call: (516) 740-7227 or (631) 864-8337

Although not the usual gadget/techno/party rant you’re used to on this site,  this is more than deserving of some space here on sELECTROclash.  The 2008 Multiple Sclerosis Walk is coming up this May at the beautiful Jones Beach State Park in Long Island. Organized by my dear friend Erika Munsch (hence the name Team AmErika),  the team has set a fundraising goal of  $21,000 and need your help to get there.  So forgo that superflouous porn subscription for one month and donate that dirty money to a good cause. 

Link to team page and donation page

Super Tuesday in the East Village, NYC

5 02 2008

Once you go Borakk you never go back Obama 2008 NYC
Today is Super-duper Tuesday in New York! We get an extra Super since the Giants won the Superbowl this weekend. I was walking with my pal Kevin to his polling location in the East Village this morning when we spotted the hilarious image above. ‘Once you go Borakk you never go back!’   Simply stunning. Both for the penmanship and the spelling. 

I am voting for Obama today, in spite of his followers’ spelling abilities and desire to tag up crappy HBO advertisements.

McCain’s Grand Central Terminal is more of a Clinton rally

4 02 2008

McCain’s Grand Central Terminal is more of a Clinton rally

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Giant Hillary signs dwarf the few McCain supporters at his appearance (now/live) in Grand Central Terminal’s. Vanderbilt Hall.

Sister Site

1 02 2008


Do you like to drink? Do you like to drink for free? Of course you do, you’re reading this blog.

Check out our new sister site, http://rsvfree.com

We’re going to be getting a free drink every for the month of February, so all you sELECTROclash fans should come meet and greet.