Join sELECTROclash at the 2008 MS Walk @ Jones Beach

5 02 2008

Team AmeriKa Multiple Sclerosis logo - Erika Munsch

Date: May 4, 2008
Location: Jones Beach State Park
Event Manager: Vickie Cella
For more information call: (516) 740-7227 or (631) 864-8337

Although not the usual gadget/techno/party rant you’re used to on this site,  this is more than deserving of some space here on sELECTROclash.  The 2008 Multiple Sclerosis Walk is coming up this May at the beautiful Jones Beach State Park in Long Island. Organized by my dear friend Erika Munsch (hence the name Team AmErika),  the team has set a fundraising goal of  $21,000 and need your help to get there.  So forgo that superflouous porn subscription for one month and donate that dirty money to a good cause. 

Link to team page and donation page




One response

16 09 2010
Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a disabling disease, and even if it affects 1% of the total earth population, this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be given credit, and that research and fund raising shouldn’t exist for it.

These type of events are always welcomed, because they create social awareness, and raise funds that help the research and the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. It’s needless to say, that more funds and more research is always welcomed, because only this will allow scientists to find a cure for this disease.

Currently, the liberation therapy and stem cell therapy are somewhat on hold due to lack of funding and interest in the matter. Events like these can help the development of therapies like these ( both very promising and potential cures for MS).

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