27 03 2008


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Went and saw Crystal Castles last night at Mercury Lounge on the Lower East Side.  HEALTH opened for them, and they were good, although the electro crowd didn’t care too much for the art-noise rock.  Crystal Castles were amazing, 40 solid minutes of non-stop strobe lights, glitches, beeps, and screams.  I recommend drinking a lot before you go see them though.


Korea’s MIU’s HDPC packs 4gb RAM and for under $500

24 03 2008


Here’s the stats from Engadget:

  • 4-inch, 800 x 480 pixel touchscreen display which slides out and flips over for the cellphone interface
  • Up to a 1GHz VIA C7M ULV processor and 4GB of DDR2 memory
  • Dual, Windows XP / Linux Qplus embedded OS
  • Unspecified cellphone radio
  • Maximum 1.3-inch 60GB hard disk (or 4GB SSD) and miniSD/microSD expansion
  • 7-hour battery (or 90-hours at low power)
  • 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0
  • 2x USB, docking port, stereo speakers, QWERTY thumbpad and mouse
  • What looks like a 5 megapixel camera
  • DMB mobile television and external GPS add-on

All of this for $500 US. Yes, it may be a little chunky and brickish, but it’s got 4 gigs of RAM and runs two operating systems at the same time, does mobile TV, GPS, and takes sharp pics.  When its flipped over in ‘phone’ mode it looks retro-futuristicly awesome.    More pics and info at AVING USA

New sliding Blackberry gunning for the Sidekick tween market?

20 03 2008


Blackberries have always been mundane, utilitarian business devices with little to no appeal for young people.  They’re more of a badge of adulthood;  receiving one means your dreams of youth have been squashed and you’re locked into a cubicle calculating expense reports.  RIM may be trying to change that image.  Check out these concept pics of a possible Blackbery 9000 series device with a slideout keyboard, a-la Sidekick fame.  There’s also a rumored optical touchscreen which RIM has supposedly been developing for a while.  If they emblazoned these with plastic diamonds and anime stickers the kids might just eat these up.

Link to UnWiredView

New Gnarls Barkley Video – ‘Run’

20 03 2008

Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley is back with their first single ‘Run’ of their upcoming new album.   I’m diggin the early 80’s motif, but the song needs to grow on me.  Oh well, here’s the vid-

NYC Pillowfight flashmob returns this weekend!

20 03 2008

It’s the first weekend of Spring and we all know what that means…. PILLOWFIGHT in Union Square!   It’s going down this Saturday at 2pm, bring your fluffiest, most feathery pillows and give those little kids the beat down you’ve been saving up all year.  Costumes are encouraged this year too.   Here’s the link and the originators, NewMindSpace.

Here’s the video Rocketboom compiled of the 2006 Pillowfight.  You can see me and my pal Bobby in there at about 57 seconds in!

Dick Hats

20 03 2008

Sorry for the long hiatus everyone.   To announce my triumphant return to the thankless world of blogging,   I bring you  Dick Hats.  apply directly to the dickhead.


7 03 2008


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