New sliding Blackberry gunning for the Sidekick tween market?

20 03 2008


Blackberries have always been mundane, utilitarian business devices with little to no appeal for young people.  They’re more of a badge of adulthood;  receiving one means your dreams of youth have been squashed and you’re locked into a cubicle calculating expense reports.  RIM may be trying to change that image.  Check out these concept pics of a possible Blackbery 9000 series device with a slideout keyboard, a-la Sidekick fame.  There’s also a rumored optical touchscreen which RIM has supposedly been developing for a while.  If they emblazoned these with plastic diamonds and anime stickers the kids might just eat these up.

Link to UnWiredView




9 responses

14 05 2008

Maybe not just the kids. Anyone who needs to make a long email or works mostly with texting may enjoy this phone. I’ll buy it, thats for sure.

25 05 2009

hey i like to find out when this phone is going to come out because i would like to purchase one…

16 06 2009

well this phone is very nice bhut it looks kind of old style.

22 07 2009

i have the storm and i always wished the blackberry came out with this type of style full keypad because some times a touch screen just DOESNT CUT IT… i want to feel buttons! but if the style of the phone was upgraded and/or come in different color (ex. WHITE) i would absolutely buy this phone. Also if it was carried by Verizon id be happy haha =) thx

15 09 2009
Australia Ferrand

i would really buy this phone. because it has a full keyboard and is touch screen. and i like the blackberrys. i jus always wanted to git one that was full keyboard. if this phone does come out i will be saving my pennys and selling my behold to git it. i really think this one is going to sell really good. and a lot more teens liks myself will buy it.

18 02 2010

this phone is so sweat. my question is how much would this phone cost i have a pearl and i love it but the slide key board would make it that much better and i wont to now when that phone is going to be released because i will be first im line to buy one

4 04 2010

o0o0o0o my God! .. im 16 and i wuddd absolutellyyyyy buy dis phone (well tell my parents to) hehehe .. its wondaful! i love bb and its full keypad as well as da touch screen! … cant wait until it cums out .. preferable wid glitters! 😛

23 04 2010

Cant You See This Has Been PhotoShopped.. ?!?

3 05 2010

How much be the phone sef?

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