LG Vu rocks mobile TV and haptic feedback touchscreen

6 05 2008

lg vulg vu at att

I got to play with the new LG Vu yesterday and was surprisingly impressed. It’s no iPhone when it comes to it’s interface, browser, or media functions; but it does have Apple beat in a couple of interesting areas.  1.  It’s 3G.  Nuff said.

 2. It has a haptic feedback display.  This eliminates the biggest drawback of having a touchscreen; the lack of feedback to let you know you actually clicked on something.  On the Vu when you touch an item on the screen, that part of the screen vibrates to let your finger know you clicked.  

3.  Mobile TV.  I was really impressed with the mobile TV offering and it’s performance.  It kicks both Verizon and Sprint’s TV ass easily.  Full touchable, scrollable program guide. Real channels you actually want to watch.  Channels loaded almost instantaneously and changing between channels was quick too.  Very slick.

The downside is this baby costs $500.  




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